Subway Surfers vs Temple Run 2 – The Plot, PowerUps and More

When we are talking about the top android games that people love to play, both Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers will definitely deserve a mention.

They are hugely similar in a lot of ways and regardless of the similarities both of them enjoy huge popularity. So, what essentially makes them such a pioneering choice? We will try and explore the details and analyze which one seems to be the better choice to opt for.

The Plot of the Games

When it comes down to the main plot that both these games have, it is evident that they share the same theme. Regardless of whether you are playing Temple Run 2 or even Subway Surfers, the main motive is to pile ample coins and keep running so that you are not caught.

While the interface for both the games is different, yet you will definitely be comparing both of them. Most gamers are of the opinion that Subway Surfers offer a much more interactive interface and is more vibrant. However, it will be wrong to write off Temple Run 2.

In Temple Run 2, you travel along the narrow cliffs and mountains and the dark tunnels while there is a monster behind you chasing you down. Subway Surfers on the other hand has a brighter ambience as you need to jump over the trains and dodge the different barriers so that you can make it safely. You have a policeman hunting you down and there are too many activities to indulge in.

The Special Power-Ups

When you are playing these games, you will get quite a lot of power-ups. Both games offer you magnets which help in piling up coins easily. Apart from that, they have the feature that allows you to continue with the game even when you have lost. While it is called as “keys” in Subway Surfers, it is “gems” in Temple Run 2.

Apart from this, there are various other power-ups that you will come across. Both these games come with their own specialties and you are free to pick the ones you want.

The Cost of the Game

Both Temple Run 2 and Subway Surfers are available for free download and you can play the game without spending a dime. You do have an online store where you can buy different upgrades and advance your scores even further. However, it is entirely optional and even without spending a dime; you can enjoy your game to the fullest.

The Reviews

If you check out the reviews that this game enjoys, you will find that they are promising and both of them enjoy a great deal of popularity. It is hard to pinpoint as to which one among them seems to be the better choice. Both the games have their own specialties and they have been listed to be the top games in the app store.

As both the games are free to play, you can download them and explore what each one has to offer. It is highly likely that both will be addicting and you will have a hard time exiting the game. While Temple Run 2 gives you the thrill of jumping over trees and balancing on twisted logs and broken cliffs, Subway Surfers is all about jumping on trains that come from different corners.

Both the games have managed to make their mark and they are sure to give you the pleasure of having a good time. If you love games, you should definitely make it a point to play both these games at least once and decide for yourself as to which one seems to be the better choice for you.

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