Some Features That Make WeChat Different From Its Competitors

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The word WeChat is derived from the Chinese term Weixin that means micro message.

This app has its roots in China and was developed by Tencent, a Chinese Internet giant. With cross-platform functionality, the app makes communication across the globe easy with its voice messaging and mobile text service. Multi-platform support makes WeChat available on Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, iPhone and others.

What WeChat Can Do For You

Once downloaded and installed, there are a lot of interesting features that WeChat has to offer. If you are patient enough to take time and explore them, you are sure to love using this wonderful app. Stickers can make message conversations fun and more interactive. While there are many free stickers for you to choose from, you can also buy some more for a nominal fee.

Voice and Group Chats

Tired of having to type out a message to send it across? Check out the Voice Chat feature that allows you to actually speak what you have to say and record the same. The Hold to Talk and Release to Send allows you to record and send your messages.

The Group Chat feature allows you to create a group and include your gang of friends into the WeChat group. You can then chat with all members of the group at a time. This saves a lot of time and you do not have to type the same message to each member in the group. It also eliminates the hassle of forgetting to get the message across to any particular person.

Free Calls

Enjoy long conversations with your loved ones by using WeChat to make free calls. Your friend can opt to pick up or reject the call. You do not have to worry about running out of credit or having to pay a hefty bill.

Shake and People Nearby

These interesting features need access to your location. When you shake your phone, it lists out people who are shaking their phones at the same time as you are in your neighboring area. This list does not restrict itself to displaying members in your contacts list. Thus, shaking your phone can be a great way for you to make new friends.

With the People Nearby feature of WeChat, you can trace people in your neighborhood who are using this app when you do.

Walkie Talkie

This is available in most of the latest Android and iOS versions and adds fun to a group chat. True to its name, it helps you enjoy a voice chat with your group members while on the move. However, to avoid confusion, this feature has been designed such that only one person can talk at a time. A member of Walkie Talkie will receive an alert if he or she tries to talk when another member is talking.

Broadcast Messages

If you would like to send a message to many people but do not want others to know the recipients to know each other, group chat is not an ideal choice. But, WeChat makes this possible for you with its Broadcast Messages feature.

Apart from the above mentioned features, it is worth noting that WeChat can be integrated with social media like Facebook and Tencent QQ. Free of ads and availability of the app in various languages like English, Hindi, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, Polish and many more, make this app popular with more than 250 million users.


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