Skype Latest Version – New Features and Updates

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Skype is one of the most popular apps used by countless people for the sake of messaging, talking and even video chatting as well. There are various features that it offers and yet the developers at Microsoft are constantly working to bring in newer changes and the right kind of updates to make the experience even better.

The Latest Features

An Improved User Interface

Skype is experimenting with the interface and it is trying to make it more dynamic and better. Skype will be offering an extremely interactive interface which will actually make it easier for people to chat and enjoy other features as well. Both windows and Mac will be getting the upgrade and the new interface will make it easier to group together your contacts. Those who are not so proficient in handling the different apps and are not well versed in technology should be happy using the updated features of Skype.

Free Group Video Calls

While Skype did offer the provision of making video calls to multiple people simultaneously, but it was not an entirely free service. If you wanted to video chat for free, you could only talk with a single person. However, keeping the growing popularity of Google Hangouts and finding the need to bring in the right kind of changes and updates, Skype has launched the feature of free video calls with multiple people.

This feature has been genuinely appreciated by most people because having video conferences and online meetings will be much easier now. When lectures are delivered in a chained manner, it often leads to communication error. However, having group conferences will save both time and effort.

Video Call Library Improved

In order to improve the kind of experience and clarity you enjoy when you are making video calls, Skype has made an update to the video calls library too. When you are video chatting with people, you are definitely going to enjoy the improvements which Skype has brought. However, in order to enjoy these improved benefits, you have to make sure that both the caller and the other party should have the latest version installed on their system.

The Minor Bug Fixes

Regardless of the number of updates that are released, there may be a few bugs that stay. Even with the new update, care has been taken to fix the bugs and ensure that the minor errors that were otherwise present have been removed. The developers of the team work hard to fix the different error, bugs and problems that users report.

These are the key features that have been added. The Skype team wants to give the users the finest experience while chatting and the call clarity for both voice and video are going to be remarkably improved. Skype continues to dominate the world of apps in the field of chatting and calling. Even when you are calling mobile phones and landlines, the rates offered are pretty decent and it will therefore allow you to make long distance calls at affordable rates.

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