Siri vs Google Now vs Cortana – Top Battle of Digital Personal Assistants

More and more high-end smartphones come with a digital personal assistant, which is a voice activated virtual assistant that can search, make calls or send texts, set alarms or reminders or even take notes and connect with wearable devices that have voice command controls. Cortana was released along with Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 and many experts resemble it with Siri and Google Now. That’s why we’ll compare all three digital personal assistants to see how similar or different they are.


Microsoft’s Cortana makes calls, sends messages, recognizes music, sets alarms, takes notes, tracks calendar, finds all kinds of restaurants or hotels, or malls, and does a lot of other things with the help of Bing. It’s capable of understanding user’s “natural language” and studies the user.

Digital Trends said that after it studies the user, Cortana can store all the information about the user, in a notebook, and later, users are able to edit the notebook in order to help Cortana being more efficient in the future. Cortana will ask for permission to access user’s emails, to track his/her location or to keep track of the meetings.

Cortana is able to understand the “context”, meaning that it’s it can trigger actions being inspired by events. Plus, it can understand a question even if the user rewords the queries. You can check out your Twitter feed or access other applications.

“People reminders” is another feature which tells the user to go to a calendar event.


Like Cortana, Siri can do many things: launch applications, make calls, send texts, play music, give reminders, answer questions or schedule meetings. Apple released the new iOS 8 and with this occasion, Siri received a face-lift, being able to speak with an accent. Until now, the British accent sounded kind of phony.

In concordance with Digital Trends, “When Intelligent Voice surveyed 2,330 iOS owners last October, two years after Siri was introduced as a feature of the iPhone 4S, and it found that only 15.2 percent of them had even tried this feature”.

Google Now

Google Now does what Siri does, so it’s not a big difference between them. It can collect data about the device owner, it understands user’s interests after doing am individual search history, and can provide news from various domains.

Google Now can analyze events and stitch together. Plus, it supports voice recognition.

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