Should Instagram’s Buyout by Facebook Affect Users?

Instagram, the popular photo sharing website which allows people to share their photos online, has won many users since its launch because of the uniqueness of its service.

People who were bored of the typical social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter were among the first fans of the social site Instagram. This is very different from all the typical social networking sites. The site won so many followers in such a short time that it became a major challenge for well established websites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to keep pace with it. This eventual buyout of Instagram by the social giant Facebook has made a revolutionary combination in the world of social networks.

This buyout of Instagram by Facebook means a lot to the online world. Instagram has already made its mark in the social-media dominated world and has carved out its own identity in the crowd. In fact, other sites wanted to imitate the platform offered by Instagram in order to entice and retain their users who were migrating to Instagram all of a sudden. Facebook was among such sites, who, threatened by the meteoric rise of Instagram, thought it best to buy the service and improve it for its own good, rather than see it grow as a separate service and throw steep challenge at its presence. There are several positive outcomes about this acquisition of Instagram by Facebook, one being the master of innovation and the other being the world leader in social networking.

Better Technology and Platform

Instagram, which was launched as and has always been, a separate company, will benefit greatly from the high end technology, experience and connections of Facebook, which has, undoubtedly, been the best technology in the world after Google. Therefore, when all great things like Facebook and Instagram join hands, it spells huge promise to both its users. Facebook’s technology gives Instagram a better interface and the users, a much smoother surfing experience on the website. Facebook is a well established company and has been successfully operating for almost a decade. This experience of Facebook with various platforms, outlooks, layouts and the needs of the users will help Instagram in creating a more user friendly platform which can win more loyalty. Plus, the buyout means Instagram has the entire technology of Facebook at its disposal and Facebook has more fans to its brand name now. Diverted traffic from Facebook to Instagram, which translated into lesser revenue potential for Facebook, has now been taken care of by this buyout as both Instagram followers and Facebook users mean profit to Facebook.

Easy Integration and Sharing

Facebook, being the most popular social networking website on the internet, has more than a billion users. Instagram, through this buyout will be exposed to that amazing user base as both the services can now be integrated easily under a single umbrella. The users can now share their updates on Facebook directly from Instagram or vice versa. Only a single account is required for both the services which makes it even easier for the users and saves them a lot of time and effort.

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