Selfie: 3 Best Tips to Get a Spectacular Selfie with Your Phone

Many people like to take selfies for different reasons but it is difficult to take a decent one, as you are the person behind as well as in front of the camera.

Here are the top three tips for taking the best selfies that you would be proud to show off.

1-Good Lighting

Good lighting is important for taking a proper selfie. Backlighting can be the worst thing you could do for a selfie. Good lighting is very important for any photograph. The sun or the source of light must be in front of you and a little above the eye level, but it should never be behind you.

When the light comes from behind, it creates shadows on the face and this can ruin a selfie. You can also use a thin curtain for covering the light source and diffuse it, so that the light becomes softer and flattens the facial lines. It is also preferable to have natural light, as colors are rendered more faithful, compared to using artificial light. Of course, you can also make use of artificial light for filling in the shadows.

There are also color correction features in many mobile cameras, but artificial light can create a dramatic change in the object colors.

2-Strike a Pose

While taking a selfie, remember to strike the right post and give a natural smile. You might feel a little silly just smiling into a camera, but that’s just what you need to do. You can try different smiles, such as a closed mouth, coy smile or a big wide grin. A smile can make anyone look more charming and it is a better expression than any other one.

Avoid poses or actions that look unnatural, such as pretending to sleep and so on. It is silly to take a selfie and pretend that someone else has taken it, as there will always be something that gives away the fact that it was a selfie. Give an honest smile and be natural without trying too hard to look like a model or pouting unnaturally.

Your expression should be one of relaxed fun, so you can think of something funny so that your eyes and lips look happy. The camera should be aimed straight down if you want a full-length picture. The edge of the camera frame should fall around the thighs or near the hips, so that your whole body is seen.

3-Finding the Correct Angle

It is advisable to angle the camera a little above yourself when you take the picture, as this will offer the most flattering photograph. You can also angle the body or the face a little towards one side, as straight on photos have a flattened effect. However, don’t do anything too extreme, as it will look unnatural. You should also not stand dead center of the screen, as it enables achieving the rule of thirds.

This is a photography trick that enables making your picture more interesting by keeping the main subject of a photograph, with the help of dividing the photograph into three parts with imaginary lines, vertically as well as horizontally and keeping the subject in one third of it. Many people look good when the camera angle is at 30 degrees to the face, as it defines the jawline and eliminates double chin.

You should place the eyes correctly in any one of the intersections, keeping in mind the rule of thirds, to create the maximum impact.

After taking a selfie, you can use photo-editing options and add interesting dimensions with filters, using a combination of color and light, touching up the blemishes and flaws before you upload it in your social media account.

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