Say Hi to ‘Flame’: The First Phone from Firefox

The open source Mobile Operating developers, Mozilla Firefox is all set to dive into the Mobile hardware ocean, with its hardware partner T2Mobiles.

The Smartphone device named Flame is priced at $170, including the shipping charges. Mozilla has prophesied that the mobile handsets are primarily aimed at the mid-tier community, to give the taste of an incredible device to people. Mozilla’s strategy of releasing such an amazing global referencing device highlights its desires of competing with the mobile giants like Google, Apple, Nokia, Motorola and Samsung.


Mozilla’s Flame comes with the specifications such as-

Qualcomm Snapdragon MSM8960 chip to run the Dual Core with 1.2 GHz and 8 GB internal storage capacity. The RAM of the device will range from 256MB to 1024 MB. The screen size has been reported to be 4.5 inch with a FWVGA display feature. The rear camera of the device has a 5 MP rating where as the front camera comes with a 2 MP rating. The battery capacity of the device is 1800 mAh, whereas the resolution is 854 X 480 pixels. Flame comes with an in-built arrangement of dual SIM and 3G capacities along with a microSD slot for card that enables the user to expand the internal memory from 8GB. The device has been critically acclaimed as amazing, owing primarily to its re-adjustable RAM, which is a boon for developers to test varied configurations.

With all the specifications as stated, the statistics reveal that the phone is a low tier to mid-tier Smartphone. The specifications of the phone are satisfying enough for the lower budget it offers. However, as Mozilla is aiming to emerge out anew and outwit many of the competitors in budget equivalents like Moto E and others, does it really need a powerful hardware arrangement? In addition, Moto E has almost identical specifications like Flame but has the advantage of running Android KitKat and has slightly enhanced features including the low price.  In addition, is the low cost really an efficient mechanism to attract the trust and appeal of customers? Moreover, Flame, as proposed, is not an incredible device within the design outlook. The device has its home button shaped in the circle that resembles its own logo in an orange outline to accentuate the signature color combination of Mozilla.


The hardware partner of Mozilla is a mobile maker based in Shanghai, China, that also has been roped in to build the tablets for the company. Developers who are interested to avail the Flame can pre-order it at $170 and expect the delivery in a minimum of 4 weeks. The time-period of the pre-sale according to the company was 27 May – 10 June, 2014.

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