Samsung Galaxy S5 vs iPhone 5S vs Nexus 5 – Which 5 Is The Best Smartphone

This is a battle of the fives, and after comparing these three smartphones, we concluded that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is clearly superior to Nexus 5 and iPhone5. Although all three of them have many features in common, they are very different in the same time. For example, they all have 4G LTE network, but only the S5 and the iPhone 5s come with a fingerprint sensor. But let’s see other specs of these devices, also.

Displays and sizes

In descending order – in terms of display sizes, we have on the first place the Galaxy S5 with a 5.1inches Super AMOLED screen that renders a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels, same as the Nexus 5’s 5inches IPS LCD screen. On the third place we find the iPhone 5s with its 4inches IPS LCD screen, which renders a lower resolution – 1136x640pixels.

The dimensions of the Galaxy S5 are: 142×72.5×8.1mm, which makes this smartphone heavier than its competitors, weighting 145grams. It is followed by the Nexus 5 with the dimensions of 137.9×69.2×8.6mm and its weight of 127.57grams. The iPhone 5s is weighting a little over 110grams, and its sizes are 123.8×58.6×7.6grams.

Hardware and OS

Between the Samsung’s S5 and the Nexus 5 there’s a “tight race”. So, which one runs faster? We’ll pick the S5 as a winner, because its Quad-core 2.8GHz Snapdragon SoC processor is superior that Nexus 5’s Quad-core 2.3GHz Snapdragon 805. The iPhone 5s is powered by an A7 64-bit chip & M7 co-processor and it has a PowerVR G6430 GPU.

The first two smartphone run on the Android Android 4.4.2 version with 2GB of RAM, and have two variants of internal memories – 16 and 32GB (expandable up to 64GB), while the iPhone 5s is running on Apple’s iOS 7 with 1GB of RAM and has 64GB of internal storage, which can’t be expanded.


The S5 beats its competition with its 16MP rear facing camera (which captures 2160p video at 30fps) and 2MP front camera. The Nexus 5 and the iPhone 5s have cameras with identical resolutions – 8MP (primary camera) and 1.2MP (secondary camera). The Nexus 5 stands out with the Optical Image Stabilisation technology.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 demonstrates once again that is superior to its rivals, being equipped with a 2800mAh battery, while the Nexus 5 has a 2300mAh battery and the iPhone 5s has a 1560mAh battery.


Samsung Galaxy S5 can be found at a price of $583 on Amazon, iPhone 5S at $559 and Nexus 5 at $437.

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