Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini – Shrunk Down Version of S5

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Samsung Galaxy’s range of Mini phones do have a niche customer group, who wish to buy something compact and cheaper.

Yet, they want the device to have all the main aspects of the flagship device. The S5 comes after the predecessors, the S4 and the S3 and will soon be released. It comes with the model number SM G900. The S4 and the S3 Mini had come with some specs cut down drastically compared to their full-featured siblings, so the S5 Mini is also likely to follow suit. It will probably be a cut down version of the Galaxy S5. The phone is expected to be out sometime in June 2014 and will be available at a price of around US$550 with a SIM free. With increasing competition, the price might come down.

Expected Display Specs 

The screen will naturally be smaller than the Galaxy S5, but it is expected that it will come with a screen size of 4.5 inches. The expected resolution is around 1280 x 720p using Super AMOLED technology. It will not be a full HD screen. It is sure to have a higher resolution than the S4 Mini, which came with 540 x 960p. Some reports and rumors claim that the screen size will be around 4.47 inches, with another claiming that it will be 4.8 inches. This size is not exactly a mini size, as it is bigger than the display screen of the iPhone 5S, which is only 4 inches.

Power and Performance 

The Mini series from Samsung has always been smaller and has less power, so the S5 Mini will also be no exception. The device will surely offer better performance and power than the S4 Mini. It runs on the quad core Snapdragon processor and is combined with a RAM of 1.5 or 1.3 GB. Most mid range phones these days seem to be opting for the Snapdragon 400, so this seems likely in case of the S5 Mini as well. It is also rumored that the processor will be clocked at a speed of 1.4 GHz with a 400 chip. Perhaps, it might also run with a Snapdragon 800, like the Galaxy Note 3.

Expected Design

There is no real news regarding the design of the S5 Mini, but mini versions from Samsung generally follow the design of their predecessors. Hence, we can expect that the S5 Mini will have a design similar to the Galaxy S5. It is, however, almost confirmed that the S5 Mini will come with dust and water resistant features, similar to the Galaxy S5. It will be shipped with IP67 certification. In addition, the design is also said to feature a rear cover that is removable, along with a removable battery. There is also a microSD card slot for expanding storage. These are the usual staple features of Samsung phones.

Camera Features

The camera of the S5 Mini might not be upgraded from that of the S4 Mini. It is expected to have a rear shooter of 8 MP resolution along with a front camera of 2 MP resolution. This is almost similar to the specs of the S4 Mini, except that the S4 Mini has a 1.9 MP camera in the front. However, the S5 Mini Camera will also come with some of the fancy features, similar to the Galaxy S5.

Storage and OS Features

It is considered that the S5 Mini will come with a built in internal storage of 16 GB. This is double the capacity of the S4 Mini. It will surely run on the latest Android 4.4 KitKat version, being a high profile smartphone. The phone will also have Samsung’s TouchWiz, almost similar to the S5. The battery will probably have a capacity of 2100 mAh.

The S5 Mini is thus a mid range mobile set and a shrunken down version of the Galaxy S5.

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