Samsung Galaxy S Duos vs Galaxy Core – Specifications and Pricing Compared

Despite a time differential of just six months, there have been a lot of changes in the mid-range smartphone segment and this is quite clearly evident in the Samsung Galaxy Core and the S Duos 2.

Both these phones support dual SIM cards and they provide features that will bring them closer towards the high-end smartphone segment. However, they are quite different from each other after having been launched within just six months of each other.


The Galaxy Core is the second-generation device of the phone that started this segment. It makes most high-end smartphones from the 2010-11 era look very basic in terms of features. This starts with the design of the device, which is incredibly thin. At just 9 mm, the Galaxy Core not only leads the way in terms of thinness even against the S Duos 2, but against former high-end phones as well. It is also incredibly light due to its weight of 124 g, although it is pushed aside by the 118 g figure of the Galaxy S Duos 2.


Despite being older, the Galaxy Core sports a better performance than the Galaxy S Duos 2 partly because of its 1 GB RAM, which is slightly better than the 768 capacity of the Galaxy S Duos 2. The former also comes with a Snapdragon processor, that is rated 1.2 GHz. This dual core processor is capable of running the android 4.1 operating system. The impressive specifications mean that the Galaxy Core is capable of supporting later versions of the Android OS as well.

The Galaxy S Duos 2 ships with the android 4.2 by default, and this is largely because the phone came out six months later than the Galaxy Core. It also features a similar processor rating, but the perceived inferior nature of its processor is likely to let it down in terms of performance.


There is no letting down in terms of picture taking because this device comes with a five megapixel camera. In terms of the sensor size, it is similar to the camera found on the Galaxy Core. However, it comes with some crucial options like the ability to shoot HD videos, although you cannot make videos at 1080pbut only at 720p. Still, it is better than the maximum 480p shooting capabilities found on the Galaxy Core.


In terms of connectivity, it is hard to separate the two phones, but being the latest device helps the Galaxy S Duos 2 to come with the latest versions of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This phone also supports DLNA feature, which enables it to share large files between two devices rather quickly. However, this device seriously lets down in terms of battery because it features only a 1500 mAh unit. In comparison, the Galaxy Core uses an 1800 mAh unit. This helps it to provide close to 14 hours of talk time on the 2G mode.


The Galaxy Core is available at around $190 which is followed by the $150 price for the Galaxy S Duos 2.

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