Samsung Galaxy Note 4 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Comparing the Features and Related Details

The Galaxy Note series has turned out to be extremely successful and here we will compare Note 3 and Note 4 to check out the key differences between the two models.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to hit the stores by the second half of this year and the speculated features are promising. We will compare it with the ones you can enjoy with Note 3 and analyze if Note 4 is going to be good enough to make a purchase.

The Form Factor

As far as the appearance is concerned, the Galaxy Note 3 managed to get rave reviews about how it looks. It has a faux leather case design and the 5.7 inches screen looks dazzling and brilliant. Note 3 managed to impress a great number of users with its cutting edge design, as the phone was good to hold and brilliant in its appearance.

The Galaxy Note 4, on the other hand, is likely to have a metal body but the back could have rubber material. Even Note 4 is likely to retain the 5.7 inches screen size. It is likely to sport a 2K resolution, which will be decent too.

The Core Specifications

Note 3 is packed with some of the smartest technical specifications. Note 3 makes use of three different combinations including the likes of Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, quad core Krait 400 processor and quad core Cortex A 15 chipset. It also comes with 3 GB RAM and has three different internal storage options which are – 16 GB, 32 and 64 GB.

The specifications offered by Note 4 will be much better as it is likely to run on octa core 64 bit processor. At the same time, it will have an internal memory of 128 GB. Further, it will also have 4 GB of RAM which will allow you to run multiple apps concurrently.

When it comes to battery performance, Note 4 is once again expected to have a better configuration. While Note 3 has a better rating of 3200 mAh, the Note 4 is expected to have either 3600 or 3800 mAh configuration.

Camera Capabilities

When it comes to the camera capabilities of these models, you will find Note 4 to have an upper edge.  Note 3 comes with 13 MP camera and the 2K recording facility. Note 4 will have 20.7 MP camera and at the same time, it is also likely to have the optical image stabilization feature, which means drastic improvement in the pictures.

As per rumors, it will also support 4K recording capabilities.

There will be a significant difference in the price of the two models. However, one cannot disagree with the fact that Note 4 seems to have an upper hand in almost all specifications. If you have money to spare, Galaxy Note 4 seems to be an excellent option to invest in. No doubt, you are going to love what this model has to offer.

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