Samsung Galaxy Note 4 – Expected Specs, Features, Release Date – Introducing the Curved Screen

It has been tipped that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be the first smartphone with 4K features, with a curved screen.

It is likely to be unveiled in September at the IFA. Here are some rumors about the release date and the expected features and price.

Release Date 

All the other Galaxy Note versions have always been released around September, so it seems likely that the Note 4 will also follow suit. The Samsung Unpacked event will take place at the pre IFA 2014 on 3rd September. The invitations will be sent out by August. The Note 4 is also expected to come in two versions: one with a curved OLED display, which is specifically meant for niche markets; the other will be a flat OLED screen for the mass market.


There is no information regarding the expected price of the new Note 4 from Samsung. This is not too surprising, as there are still a few months left before the launch. However, it is likely to be around $700, almost similar to the price of the S5.

Expected Specs

The Note series has always been a little big, which will make it more like a phablet. The Note 3 comes at a size of 5.7 inches, whereas the Note 2 is 5.5 inches in display. So we can expect that the trend will be towards an increasing screen display size. The Note 4 will probably come with a screen display of 5.9 inches or even 6 inches. The Korean Times has also noted that two versions, the standard screen and the curved screen versions will be available on release.

Special Features

The new Note 4 will come with the usual S Pen stylus and the Android OS will power it. It is also expected that the feature of personal handwriting recognition will also be brought in. This will be useful for unlocking the tablet as well as performing other functions such as calling contacts. It is also expected that the new version of the OS, namely 4.5 or the 5.0 Android named Lolipop, will also be out. It is expected that the Note 3 will come with the latest Android software. The processor will be the newly announced Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. The chip will be a quad core 450 one, clocking at 2.7 GHz, with a GPU of Adreno 420. The processor is termed as an Ultra HD one, as it offers support for 4K resolution capturing and playback features.

This will make the Note 4 from Samsung, the first smartphone sporting a 4K screen. It is also possible that the Quad HD would be used for the device instead of the Ultra HD.

It is also rumored that the screen will be three sided. This will result in the ability to read messages from an angle. This sounds like an interesting feature. The Galaxy Note 4 will also be brought it with a design that is both dustproof and waterproof. This seems to be becoming a standard feature in all the latest devices.

Features in Testing Mode

According to the latest tips, Samsung is still testing the features, such as Swiping to launch the Motion Launcher; the Aqua Capture; the Smart Fingerprint feature and the Multi network for booster features for the Note 4. The Aqua Capture feature is similar to the Aqua mode that was present in the S4 Active mobile. It will enable the user to click pictures under water. The Swipe to launch Motion Launcher is a feature similar to the Motion Launch, found in the HTC One M8. It will be useful for activating the camera and waking the device as well as for other swiping actions.

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