Samsung Galaxy K Zoom – Is It The Smartest Camera Phone Yet?

Termed by many as the smartest camera phone by Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is one of the hyped models, yet to be released in the market. Here, we will review the features, specifications and other aspects of this model as it will help you judge if it is good enough for an investment.

The Camera Based Smartphone

This is the second big launch by Samsung, where the mobile is more focused on the camera than being a smartphone. While it does come packed with the right features, the talking point of this phone is its exceptional camera quality. Before discussing about the camera details, we will first take a look at the core mobile specifications.

The Form Factor

With a 4.8 inch super HD AMOLED display and 2 GB of RAM, this model is definitely impressive. With 1.3 GHz quad core processor and another 1.7 GHz dual core processor, this phone is surely going to help you run multiple apps concurrently without any hassles or lag time.
If you are looking to store media files, the phone comes with an inbuilt storage of 8 GB. You can definitely increase the storage space as there is a provision to add micro SD card and store further media.

Dazzling Camera Performance

Now that you are aware of the other specifications that are a part of this model, we come down to the main talking point and the key highlight of this phone which is the camera.

This model comes with 20.7 megapixels camera, with 10X optical zooming feature. It also has a CMOS sensor at the back, which aids in capturing beautiful pictures even in low light and dark conditions.

Some of the additional features that are a part of this camera include the stunning auto focus, settings for different types of filters and even object tracking facilities. A selfie alarm has been integrated into this model too as it allows you to take some of the best selfies that you can think of.

Customize the Pictures the Ways You Want

The camera offered by Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is such that you will have a lot of customization options. If you are a professional photographer, you are going to love this model because you can play with auto focus and auto exposure and capture some amazingly brilliant shots laden with the right level of clarity and detailing.

The video resolution offered is pretty sharp and accurate and it will allow you to capture some of the finest moments in the right motion. However, the phone is priced extremely high and so unless you are a photo freak, you should consider other options.
This model by Samsung caters more to the audience with a photographic bend of mind than those who would rather have a smartphone that comes packed with diverse features. While the performance of the smartphone is commendable, the cost is justified only for the camera lovers.

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