Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo vs Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini – Specifications and Pricing Compared

Samsung has positioned its mid-range smartphones in such a way that the Galaxy Grand is very close to the mini versions of the flagship devices in terms of price.

This was the case with the Galaxy S3 Mini and the first version of the Galaxy Grand. Both devices offered a fairly large display, but the Grand series made display its most important aspect. Customers looking for a smaller alternative were looking at the Galaxy S3 Mini as an option. This appears to be the case with the latest generation devices of both products – Galaxy S4 Mini and Galaxy Grand Neo.


It has been only a few months since the launch of the Galaxy Grand Neo. The device follows the principles laid out by the first Grand phone, as it comes with a very large display coupled with an impressive array of features. It also looks extremely good – just as many Samsung phones. The device is significantly larger than the Galaxy S4 Mini due to the 5 inch display. In contrast, the latter uses only 4.3 inch unit.


The Grand series of phones rarely cared about the resolution and this continues in the Galaxy Grand Neo as well. This phone offers only 480 x 800 pixels resolution despite this large display. Some may view this as a major negative aspect, while some will be drawn to the large display. There are few phones in the market that offer a 5 inch display at the price of the Galaxy Grand Neo. The Galaxy S4 Mini offers a slightly better 540 x 960 pixels resolution and a Super AMOLED display technology.

In terms of the actual display size, the Galaxy Grand Neo has little competition from the Galaxy S4 Mini, but it needs to worry a lot when the fight comes to resolution.


It is surprising that the Galaxy S4 Mini does not offer memory variants, something which is present in every high end smartphone. It only comes with the 8 GB variant of which 3 GB is used by the android operating system. This leaves only 5 GB of memory for the user, which is certainly not adequate, given the phone’s impressive range of multimedia features. The one saving grace for the Galaxy S4 Mini comes in the form of the external memory card support.

In this phone, it almost becomes a must have aspect due to the low internal memory. The Galaxy Grand Neo appears to have learnt from these mistakes and this phone is offered with up to 16 GB of internal memory. Users can also go for the 8 GB variant, which will be slightly lower in terms of price. This phone also supports external memory cards.


The Galaxy S4 Mini comes with a slightly smaller 1900 mAh battery compared to the 2100 mAh battery on the Galaxy Grand Neo. The latter sports this larger battery because of the big display.

Available at just over $300, the Galaxy S4 Mini is priced above the $240 Galaxy Grand Neo.

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