Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos vs Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo – Comparison of Pricing and Specifications

The Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos is one of the popular dual SIM phones in the markets today and that is not surprising since it is the phone that brought several high end features to this segment.

One of the major advantages of the Galaxy Grand Duos was its touch screen display, which was very large at 5 inches. Considering that the recently launched Galaxy S5 only has a 5.1 inch unit, it makes the Galaxy Grand Duos very desirable on this front. The Galaxy Grand Neo is a phone that builds on this reputation.


The design element of the two phones is very difficult to differentiate, because they both have the same dimensions and a 5 inch display. The screen on the Galaxy Grand Neo is bigger by 0.01 inches, which is unlikely to be visible to the naked eye. The weight, physical dimensions, and other aspects of the phone are almost similar. Even the resolution offered by this display – 480 x 800 pixels – is also similar.


The similarity ends in areas like the camera where the Galaxy Grand Neo suffers because of the five megapixel camera. This is inferior in comparison with the eight megapixel camera on the Galaxy Grand Duos. Not only does the camera on the Grand Duos offer higher megapixels, but it also provides features like full HD video recording, stereo sound, image stabilization, smile detection, and LED flash. The five megapixel camera on the Galaxy Grand Neo looks basic in comparison with this list of features.

It also does not come with full HD video recording. Instead, it can record 720p videos, which many would reckon is past its best in the age of 4K televisions. In addition to the rear mounted camera, the Galaxy Grand Neo also suffers disappointment in the front facing camera. It uses a VGA camera compared to the two megapixel unit on the Galaxy Grand Duos.


Connectivity is an area where the two phones cannot be separated, as they offer a similar amount of features in the latest versions possible. Aspects like Wi-Fi, DLNA, and Wi-Fi hotspot are present in both devices.


Differences come about in the memory aspect where the Galaxy Grand Neo spearheads to the front due to its 16 GB internal memory option. This is absent in the Galaxy Grand Duos, which offers only one variant with 8 GB. Since both phones offer expandable memory card support, internal memory should not be much of a problem.

Other Features

Other aspects of the Galaxy Grand Neo include support for FM radio, while the Galaxy Grand Duos once again wins because of its support for stereo FM and RDS. It also comes with active noise cancellation headphones with dedicated microphones.

The Galaxy Grand Duos is a basic dual SIM phone that is priced at around $250 for the 8 GB variant, while the recently launched Galaxy Grand Neo will be available for a couple of dollars less.

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