Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos vs Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 – Comparison of Pricing and Specifications

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Samsung introduced the notion of putting in a large touch screen display in a midrange phone that also supported two SIM cards at once.

The ability to support two SIM cards made the phones extremely popular, especially in regions like Asia. The introduction of large touch screen display extends the desirability aspect of the phone even further. One of the first phones to come with this idea was the Galaxy Grand Duos in January 2013.


It has just been replaced by the Galaxy Grand 2 that came out in January 2014 at the MWC. The philosophy of the two phones is similar, given that the Galaxy Grand Duos was a runaway success. Hence, Samsung has tweaked some of the aspects of the phone rather than bring in a revolutionary change. This is in line with its policy with regards to higher end phones like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S5.


The major change between the Galaxy Grand Duos and the Galaxy Grand 2 is the screen size. Despite featuring a massive 5 inch display, Samsung focused on increasing the screen size even further. As a result, the Galaxy Grand 2 comes with a 5.25 inch display that is larger than the one found on the Galaxy S5.. The major improvement, though, comes in the resolution aspect. Apart from featuring a 5 inch display, the Galaxy Grand Duos had little going in terms of the display, because of its poor 480 x 800 pixel resolution. It puts out only a mere 187 PPI in pixel density.

As a result, there were occasions when pixels were quite obvious. The Galaxy Grand 2 rectifies this problem significantly by featuring a 720p display, which boosts its pixel density to 280 PPI straightaway. Using this display has resulted in the phone getting slightly bigger, but the thickness has been reduced to 8.9 mm.


The 8 GB internal memory in both devices does not come as a major surprise. Even though most of it will be used by the android operating system, users can relax because of the memory card support. A maximum of 64 GB can be added to the phones through the use of microSD cards. Apart from the internal memory, the phone also comes with 1 GB RAM in case of the Galaxy Grand Duos. The Galaxy Grand 2 improves this aspect marginally by featuring a 1.5 GB RAM.


Despite compromising on several aspects like screen resolution, the Galaxy Grand Duos was praised for its eight megapixel camera that was one of the best in this segment. The same camera manages to find its place in the Galaxy Grand 2 as well. Apart from a rework of the camera interface, there is not much change in comparison with the previous version. Full HD recording is available in both devices.

The older Galaxy Grand Duos retails in the market for $250, while the recently launched Galaxy Grand 2 sports a price tag of $310.

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