Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 – Features, Specs and Price

Improved and Enhanced

The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 is a big screen smartphone at a decent price tag. It improves on the earlier Samsun Galaxy Grand coming with a larger display screen of 5.25 inches and is slightly taller. The resolution has increased to 720p and the pixel density is 280 ppi compared to the 187 ppi of the previous version. The design has also been enhanced with faux leather at the back; processing is more robust with a quad-core Cortex A7 Qualcomm processor. What makes it a winner is that you are getting all the specifications at half the price of around $400, when compared to the previous Grand model.

Features and Specs

Though the name does not have the ‘duos’ tag to it, it actually supports two GSM SIM cards in a standby mode. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 SoC, clocking at 1.2 GHz, powers the device. This is a mid range processor but it is quite powerful when combined with a RAM of 1.5 GB, which offers excellent multitasking features. The storage is only 8GB, but you can enhance it up to a maximum of 64 GB with the use of the microSD card. The SIMs support 3G speed of a maximum of 21 Mbps. Connectivity includes Wi Fi as well as Bluetooth 4.0.

The device has an LCD screen, and not the most sophisticated AMOLED screen found in higher end devices from Samsung. Text and icons are crisp but there is no full HD screen display.

Operating System

The Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 runs on the Android 4.3 version. It is also topped or skinned with TouchWiz user interface from Samsung, so that there is almost no similarity with the stock Android. Lock screen and notifications are placed differently and so are the icons in the status bar. Home screens have also been customized with panels that are scrollable.

My Magazine

My Magazine offers you some news articles from all over the Internet, almost similar to Buzzfeed in the HTC. Users can also make additions, including videos or photographs from their device and also social feeds. Flipboard is also available on the home screen.

Multi Window Features

Like all other big Samsung devices, Multi Window features allow the user to split the screen, so that two applications can run simultaneously. This is very convenient, as you can save a combination of two apps and then launch them together.

S Voice

This is similar to Siri of the iOS. It can be accessed easily by double tapping on the Home button. You can then say ‘Hi Galaxy’, so that voice commands are enabled. With S Voice, you can make calls or send text messages. You can also set up alarms or reminders and add posts to Twitter or launch applications, do web searching and control settings, such as Wi or Bluetooth and so on. Accuracy of S Voice is excellent and the response voice is also very natural. However, you will need a data connection for S Voice, either through Wi Fi or a cellular data connection. Voice controls help you handle calls and also trigger the camera or handle many other basic functions of the phone using your voice. This hands free mode is especially useful while driving.


Samsung Grand 2 also has access to the Samsung Apps along with the Samsung Hub. Here, you can find books, games and videos as well as many other learning materials. You can then install these apps consisting of videos and books, both free as well as paid ones.

Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 offers a well-rounded product and has struck the right balance between the price, the features and the performance.

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