Samsung Galaxy Gear – Pricing vs Specifications

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The success of smartphones has not been met with an equal success in terms of accessories.

Samsung is intending to change this by making the smartphone bring in additional revenue in the form of accessories. As smartphones continue to grow bigger and bigger, the task of taking them out of the pocket and using them even for the basic aspects like making a call or reading a text message is proving a little cumbersome.

New Generation

Samsung aims to solve this problem through the Samsung Galaxy Gear, which is a device that works as an extension of the smartphone. It is a smart watch that can be used to relay most of the information from the phone onto your wrist. This means that the prospect of having to take off the device is eliminated for some key aspects. The first Samsung Galaxy Gear came out in September 2013, and the company recently ironed out several issues and released the second version of the Galaxy Gear a few weeks ago.


The Galaxy Gear comes with a 1.6 inch display that is capable of 320 x 320 pixels resolution. It was equipped with a single core 800 MHz processor that was supported by 512 MB of RAM. This enabled the device to offer information like time, weather, and so on. As far as the connection with phone goes, this will be able to make calls, find your phone, and even take photos. This is because of the 1.9 megapixel camera found on the device.

It may not provide the most detailed images, but it is certainly useful in some occasions since it may act as a replacement for the ‘Go Pro’ cameras. Samsung also provides the Galaxy Gear with the ‘S Voice’ functionality so as to control several aspects of the phone.

New Features

Following the introduction of the Galaxy Gear 2 in April, the company brought about new features like a slightly larger display that measures 1.63 inches in size. The camera has also improved to a two megapixel unit. Samsung also provides the Galaxy Gear 2 with IR blaster to control devices such as a television using the smart watch. The display is equipped with the Super AMOLED technology, which is the same found on the high-end Samsung mobile phones.

As a result, the pictures are not only clear, with high contrast ratio, but there is no problem when it comes to utilizing this device in the sunlight.

Music Player

Gone are the days when one had to take a standalone music player like the Apple iPod in order to enjoy music, if the phone is not with them. The Galaxy Gear 2 has not only been transformed into a great extension for the Samsung high end phones, but it also comes with on-board storage of 4 GB to double up as a music player. The recent launch of the Galaxy Gear 2 resulted in the prices of the first Galaxy Gear dropping to $199.

The new Galaxy Gear 2, meanwhile, is available on the market for $299.

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