Reasons to Choose iPhone 5S Over Samsung Galaxy S5

Apple and Samsung have often competed against each other in the field of smartphones. If you are looking to decide which among them seems to be the better choice, we will make a comparison of some of their main features.

Built Quality

As far as appearance is concerned, iPhone 5S emerges the clear winner. The plastic casing of Galaxy S5 will stand no match for the aluminum chassis of iPhone 5S. The design definitely wins hands down and looks much more classy and elegant in comparison to Samsung Galaxy S5.

Smaller Screen

While there are people who prefer a larger screen, still it is no secret that a smaller sized phone has better ergonomics and simpler handling. Galaxy S5 has a screen size of 5.1 inches, which is very large. It might be difficult to hold it in your hands when you are operating it. iPhone 5S on the other hand has a size of 4 inches which makes it easy to operate with a single hand.

Special Features

There are a few features that set an iPhone apart from all other smartphones. You can access iMessage and send messages to your contacts on the go. iMessages from one iPhone to another are free of cost. Though WhatsApp is the common messaging platform, yet those who use iMessage enjoy its use.

iMessages can only be accessed on Apple products and thus Samsung Galaxy S5 fails in this department. The TouchID facility offered by Apple is also useful as it enforces extra security. While you will find something similar in Galaxy S5, as they too offer fingerprint scanner, Apple has an upper hand in these features.

Reasons to Choose Samsung Galaxy S5 Over iPhone 5S

Camera Performance

When we are comparing the camera, both models offer you stunning performance. However, the double flash offered by iPhone 5S offers you good pictures even in the dark. It will be wrong to write off the camera offered by Galaxy S5 as it does give some pretty decent shots. Galaxy S5 also offers the option of selective focus which allows you to choose from different focal points.

iPhone 5S, on the other hand, makes good of its iSight camera as it offers stunning picture quality. The camera shows significant improvements over the previous models.

Smart Siri

When we are talking about the advantages that iPhone has over other models, we just cannot miss out on Siri. Siri, your own personal voice assistant is the talking point of phone 5S. The ease with which it helps you navigate is worth a round of applause. While Android is trying to emulate the same by offering Google now services, it stands nowhere in comparison to the functions that Siri can perform.

There are plenty of other points like the reversible lightning port, the mute switch that is easily accessible and even the fingerprint sensor that seems to give you strong reasons to choose iPhone 5S over Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5 is a good model, but it seems to have lost the battle with Apple because iPhone 5S will any day turn to be a smarter choice than S5.

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