Reach Anywhere, Anytime, in No Time: Waze Makes it Possible

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In today’s technology-oriented world, satellite navigation and GPS have made lives easier for the common man.

Waze is just another navigation app which works on similar principles, but has a whole lot of additional features in it. Waze app provides real time updates on the traffic conditions, shortest routes, accidents, one ways and other road conditions, which can enable you to reach your destination faster. It is fast replacing other traditional navigation apps like Google Maps and Here Maps because apart from using satellite imaging, it also uses live feed from millions of Waze users who continuously update the systems regarding traffic density and other blockages. No doubt this app applies both technology and information feeds from the people and combines them to provide superior results.

The Waze app is a great boon for people as it not only provides accurate routes and traffic analysis using satellite feeds, but also allows users and Waze workers to update the database in real time which captures important information regarding one-ways, traffic signals, accidents, rallies, etc that might make a short route appear long. Several features have made Waze app one of the top downloaded apps in the online markets today.

Live User Update of Routes

The users and Waze workers play an important role in the functioning of this app. They can directly update information about certain routes from their own real-time experience. So in case of any road disturbances like prolonged signals, one way issues, accidents or political rallies, other users can be instantly alerted not to use that route for travel. This can save you unwanted harassment and save a lot of your precious time. The app takes the individual feeds from users and then verifies them and updates the system. Now when another user asks for a similar route, it provides the updated information to him and also suggests alternative routes that might be slightly longer, but would take lesser time due to lesser traffic.

Friend’s Route Track

This is another exciting feature of Waze. The app connects through Facebook and keeps a track of your friends’ routes as well. So it is possible to find your friends in any area which you are visiting and if by chance you are both going to the same place, you can sync your routes and reach your common destination at almost the same time. This is very handy for people who are already out and want to meet at some common point to continue from there. Also, adults can keep a tab on their children’s whereabouts by using this feature and ensure the safety of their kids.

Fuel Costs Saved

Using the live update system, you can get to locate the pumps, which serve fuel at the lowest prices on your way. This can help you save a lot of fuel costs.

Waze is, thus, a great app and with proper innovation and improvement, it can give other apps a run for their money.

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