Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare PC Review

Finally, we have Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare PC version on board and the game actually delivers as promised, because it is not a Call of Duty or Battlefield 4.

Even though, it is being published by Electronic Arts, the company behind the hit BF series, you cannot expect anything serious with this title. The game comes from PopCap the studio that did the mobile version of the title but it is rightfully supported by EA with a game engine that delivers. Most of the game modes shown in it might sound extremely familiar, but given the colorful approach and some aesthetic gun play, it makes it feel extremely fresh; more than we anticipated.

Offers Great Variety

The biggest strength of Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare PC edition lies in its ability to offer a grand ton of variety to the players. Right from the character customization options to the drastically varied 11 maps to choose from, the game keeps you engaged for a good couple of hours. Both plants and zombies have four character classes to choose from, while there are six variants for each class, which adds an additional depth level to those who enjoy customizable shooters. The game will strongly appeal to casual shooters who are usually hesitant about going online to play a game of Counter Strike or Battlefield because of the seriousness associated with it. In these games, players will repeatedly pawn you in a server if you are a newbie and lack the ability to aim down a shot. But, Plants versus Zombies is completely different because it is a third person shooter; this also retains the flavor of more intense FPS that paves way for a memorable experience.

The Pros and Cons

The biggest con that you could see in the game is that it is multiplayer only and as soon as you get disconnected from the internet, it won’t even go to the menu screen. And, as expected, there is no co-op LAN play option which a large group of people still desire. Maybe, companies like EA think that people living in a place without reliable internet and wanting to play locally, are not their eligible customers. Despite all these shortcomings, Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare PC offers an amazing co-op experience where you have to defend waves of zombies with your friends. It is similar to the feature found in Modern Warfare 3, but it is much more fun, yet challenging, in this game.

Their powers are well balanced and there are plenty of different maps to explore, on the long run, which makes it a great title for you to play during a lazy weekend afternoon. Besides, it’s got all the classes and customizations required to keep players engaged in the long run. If you can withstand the annoying DRM which doesn’t work when you are not connected to the internet, this would be a fun title to check out.

The game’s 4 player co-op and 24 player competitive multiplayer matches are its best points! Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare PC, is now available for sale in Origin store priced at $30.

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