Plants vs. Zombies Garden Warfare Is Not a Console Port

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The developers who were behind Electronic Arts published Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare confidently claims that the upcoming PC version of the game is not a console port, but rather a game built for the platform.

Bringing games that were made for Playstation 4 or Xbox One to the Windows platform should be much easier because of the shared architecture. It is a hypothetical claim because we haven’t seen any game titles yet that were made out of the new generation of the console.

It used to be a nightmare in the past because games perform seriously bad on the PC, when ported from PS3 or Xbox 360. Titles like Grand Theft Auto 4 or Naruto Shippuden were perfect examples which gave a tough time for PC owners even though their gaming rigs were far superior in comparison to what the older generation consoles had. The upcoming Plants versus Zombies title was a timed exclusive on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One console. But, the developers have assured players in a recent statement that even though it is coming late to PC, it is not a last minute decision but a title that was created with the mouse and keyboard in mind, than just controllers.

Designed for PCs

“We have revamped everything right from the user interface to the mouse driven controls, to make sure that Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare is not another port. Players want a game that plays well with their setup and this title will not disappoint them” said Justin Wiebe. He is the game’s creative director who has been working on the Windows PC version as well for quite some time now and he says that it is not a port but a game made for computers. The PopCap games revealed this information in the developer’s diary. From his statement, it looks like game developers and publishers now want to make sure that they don’t alienate a massive number of players who love their Windows PCs, in their pursuit to appease Sony and Microsoft consoles.

Ever since the next generation consoles were launched, every game title, even if it is multi-platform, talks about its benefits on Playstation 4 or Xbox One. Developers always give interview, as if a PC version never exists, but it is a known fact the game is coming to PC without a doubt. Some good examples are Assassin’s Creed Unity, The Crew, The Division and Call of Duty Advanced Warfare. Even the upcoming GTA 5 was announced during Sony’s E3 2014 conference and it was confirmed that it is coming to Playstation 4 but no one talked about the PC version which was also slated for release on the same date.

Focusing on Gamers

While the assurance sounds soothing, it will be commendable if developers give the same level of importance to PC version of their games as well. Plants Vs Zombies Garden Warfare is out on June 24th and is priced at $29.99 in the Origin store. The game could be the next big IP in the multiplayer arena if it’s as good as promised.

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