Panomo Panoramic Camera – Capture Everything! Spec, Price and Features

The Panomo Panoramic Camera is a uniquely designed device that can be used to take several panoramic shots of any place you want. This camera is shaped like a ball and you can turn it on and throw it in the air to take as many pictures of the scenery as you want. Once it lands back, you will be surprised to see the beautiful shots it has captured. These shots would never otherwise be captured when you are taking photographs on your own.


The Panomo Panoramic camera is spherical in shape and has 36 cameras on its surface. You have to throw the camera into the air, and an accelerometer in the camera measures its acceleration at the time of launch. This lets the camera discern when it is slowing down and when it is at its highest altitude. It is here that the camera begins to click pictures. You get 360 degrees of pictures from it. You will be able to capture everything in every direction and the camera allows you to see everything in exquisite details. The images are 108 megapixels, incredibly detailed and sharp. Once you have taken the pictures, you can transfer them to your phone, and then share them or send them for prints. The camera comes with an iOS and Android app that can be used to transfer pictures to your smartphone.


Panomo Panoramic Camera has a diameter of 4.33 inches or 11 cm. It’s very lightweight and weighs only 0.66 pounds. The camera is made of tough clear plastic and therefore it is very hardy, so even if you drop it, the camera would still be working. Do try not to drop it too often, because it is a delicate device after all. The surface has 36 built in cameras to take 360-degree pictures of every scene. These cameras have a fixed focus and you cannot really change their focus. The 36 fixed focus cameras give you a total picture resolution of 108 megapixels. The mobile app is available for iOS 6 and higher and Android 4 and higher. The camera can be paired with the mobile app, and you can transfer your pictures easily.

Why Should You Get the Camera?

If you want to get a brand new photo shooting experience, you should get yourself a Panomo Panoramic Camera. This camera is a great innovation, and this brand new way to take pictures is both unique and fun. You can either just throw the camera into the air, or lob it at a friend to take pictures instantly. This is a great way to take a complete picture of any event or panorama. In fact, now everyone in the scene of a picture could also be moving and still be covered in the picture. The full spherical 360X360 degree pictures of 108 megapixels are extremely sharp and incredibly detailed. To top it all, you will be able to transfer the pictures easily to your smartphone and then to your computer or your social media accounts.

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