Pandora vs. Spotify – Which Among Them Seems To Be The Best?

Looking for the best music streaming services? There are various choices that we have and two of the top ones are Pandora and Spotify. Here, we will compare the two of them to help you analyze which one seems to have an upper hand.

User Base

When you are comparing the type of user base of Pandora and Spotify, you will find that Pandora has a much larger and broader fan base. Pandora has been in the market for more than 12 years now and it has a fan base stretching to well beyond 65.6 million users.

Spotify, on the other hand, has merely 20 million users. This isn’t an extremely low user base, but when you compare it with what Pandora has to offer, Spotify definitely lags behind.

The Song Database

When you are checking the variety of songs, Spotify has an upper hand. Spotify has an extremely diverse range of choices, as you can find more than 20,000,000 songs. Pandora too has plenty of choices but the collection is nearly half that of Spotify.

Those who are looking to stick to a streaming player that offers a wide range of choice are more likely to choose Spotify.

The Cost Factor

Cost is definitely an extremely important and crucial factor. You need to be sure of the total cost incurred. If you are ready to use versions that come cluttered with advertisements, you can enjoy both these apps for free. However, those who get frustrated seeing the advertisements need to invest money and Spotify comes at a price tag thrice that of Pandora.

When you are buying the mobile version, the difference in price is much more prominent. However, when it comes to the desktop version, the price is nearly the same with the difference being about $1. There is a restriction on the number of hours of music that you can listen to and this is why you should get acquainted with the pricing details before coming to a conclusion.

These are the key points which you needed to be familiar with. Now, you are free to come to your own decision regarding the better streaming player. There are people who use both the apps and choose one among them randomly for playing their favorite music.

There are a few drawbacks for Spotify, as some artists are of the opinion that they are not offered their justified compensation. Understand and assess the key points and then you can decide upon the right app for you.

Music is the food for your soul and with the best streaming player to help you out, you can enjoy hours and hours of music and enjoy the beats. Both Spotify and Pandora seem to be a great choice and they enjoy a great level of popularity. You will be able to listen to your favorite songs and have a great time.

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