Older WhatsApp vs Incredible WeChat – Which One to Choose?

While WhatsApp is facing tight competitions with the advent of major instant-messaging applications like WeChat and Snapchat, is it still a trusted base. Let us compare some of the features of WeChat and WhatsApp.



Owing to its sharp and lucid interface and guaranteeing specially the android users to have a hassle-free usage, WhatsApp continues to be the player to beat in this segment. But, if gotten through the gritty features of WeChat, however long it takes, the users are guaranteed more options as compared to WhatsApp. WeChat has three main tabs that can be expanded full screen to provide general chat information, contact information and social information.

Group Chatting

WhatsApp enables its users to include up to 30 members for a group conversation which will remain in its active format even after the window is closed. With the same features, WeChat enables its users to include up to 40 members per group chat!

Initial Installation Hassles

WeChat makes its users to go through an extensive mode of typing-in information after the basic installation is complete. It exclusively features a tab called ‘Moments’ and stuff incorporated from the user’s social networking sites one after-another. On the other hand, WhatsApp is all about steadfast and convenient setup. It simply asks to verify the mobile number with the username preferred by the user. You are there already!

Higher Level of Messaging

WeChat lets its users send audio-messages as well as switch to video-conversations that can be held just like a normal chat. The mode is called Walkie-Talkie. It lets its users like and comment on the pictures. WeChat, on its own, is a social networking platform. On the other hand, WhatsApp simply lets its users have text-based conversations or send audio messages. WeChat lets its users transfer files, making the office-based transactions easy to handle even on your little screen.

WeChat also has a ‘shake’ feature that lets its users find and connect to people immediately around themselves or miles away at the other end of the world. The ‘look around’ feature lets its users highlight other users of WeChat. In addition, there is an incredible feature of picking up floating messages in the WeChat ecosystem. Users can choose to reply to them as well. WhatsApp, on the other hand, is strict and stern about its own methodology.

Security and Social Monitoring

Apart from all the exceptional goodies that WeChat boasts of, it also has a major disadvantage of being monitored, due to the information provided mandatorily at the installation. On the other hand, WhatsApp knows nothing about you but the sleuth and sleek incorrigible name and statuses that you wish to engage into.

Web Mode

WeChat has an option of letting its users access files, messages and all data online, making it convenient, easier and foolproof to suit the user’s interests. On the other hand, if you lose your phone, there goes your incredible WhatsApp profile picture, statuses and messages down the drain closed forever!


While WhatsApp has more than 300 million users at present, it is fast losing its base due to an upbeat WeChat. If you are someone who has been loyal to WhatsApp since its inception, we recommend you to add up some spice and go for WeChat for a bit!

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