Nintendo Wins E3 2014 with Zelda, Mario Maker and Smash Bros

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Things were falling apart for the classic console maker, but it looks like E3 2014 proved to be a huge success for Nintendo.

The company’s new console Wii U suffered from lack of games, especially first party titles and big companies choose to ignore the platform because they assumed it was not worth spending time to develop games for such a small audience. They have realized that their strength lies in the exclusives for which the brand is known for the past two decades and more. Even though it was only a digital conference, Nintendo managed to make heads turn and has finally acquired a sweet spot among gamers. Everyone is now looking forward to their new games that are scheduled for fall 2014 or 2015. Among them, the open world adventure Zelda and Mario Maker on Wii U hold significant importance.

The New Legend of Zelda

Seriously, if you are still assuming that Zelda is the girl in the green robe, you are hardly a Nintendo fan! It is Link, who is the main lead in the game and he’s a boy. But, the surprising news is that the new trailer that the developers showed during the E3 conference revealed a character that looked more like a girl than a guy! Keeping this trivial element aside, the Legend of Zelda for Wii U was a visually impressive title and without a doubt, the best looking so far on the platform. The graphical quality of their games had always been different because they don’t compete with Call of Duty or Battlefield in achieving realistic looks. Rather, Zelda is set in a colorful, open world environment which will allow players to explore multiple areas and experience an immersive gameplay time. Link now looks distinctly different wearing a blue robe and a ponytail. He’s more feminine than we ever knew him and it raises the question whether the developers have decided to change him into a girl. It could either be a female incarnation or Zelda herself because Sheik wore blue since a long time.

Mario Maker

Level designing is an important aspect of any game and a title will be popular based on how challenging the levels are. Now, you can design the classic games of all time, Mario. The Mario Maker for Wii U is a fitting game for the handheld touch screen device where players will be able to design their own levels. It will be published online so that others could download it and try it out. Such level editors are popular in games like Driver, GTA and Trials, but now it’s coming to a classic Nintendo title which will definitely attract a whole lot of gamers. Apart from these two biggies, the company announced multiple first party including Splatoons, a new Pac Man and the big Super Smash Bros which is one of the most wanted games of all time on the Wii. All these games are expected to boost Wii U sales to a great extent.

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