Nintendo May Unveil Mario Maker At E3 2014

Every company is now facing a news leak and before E3 2014 could take place, most of their secrets could be out, spoiling the surprise for gamers.

Earlier, EA lost their surprise element when Battlefield Hardline got leaked and when a third teaser came out, they had no option but to officially show off a video with a release date. The same happened to Sony with their PS4, PS Vita bundle while Xbox One lost it to Dead Rising 3, coming to PC. After seeing so much news being confirmed even before the actual event could take place, players are wondering whether the conference would have anything new to offer this time. Let’s hope that this trend doesn’t continue and there are some new games that one could look forward to. The latest to join the line of leaks include Nintendo Mario Maker, which is supposed to be one of the unique sales points of the upcoming digital conference hosted by the company.

Leaked Posters

Someone who is part of the E3 2014 conference setup has taken a grainy picture of the Nintendo booth that shows that a Mario Maker in a banner. As speculated, the new concept will allow players to create their own Mario world, the obstacles, and the missions getting as creative as possible. It is similar to the earlier ideas the company had with titles like Mario versus Donkey Kong and Warioware Do it Yourself game on DS. Earlier, during the Game Developers Conference the company spoke about their new frameworks which will allow players to create their own mini games and adventures. It looks like Mario Maker will be part of the project and the creation is done using a stylus, according to the poster. If it is to be believed, this new game could either land on Wii U or 3DS or maybe on both platforms at the same time.

Pushing The Console

At the moment, Nintendo is the only company facing a grave extinction period. If it fails to convince gamers to buy their console or doesn’t have enough first party titles released in the next few months or so, they might become history. Such is the bitter truth, no matter what some gamers and experts say. The company has announced that they are planning to build an entirely new console aimed at emerging markets in Asia and that is expected to change their fate in 2015. The existing Wii U is deteriorating in terms of sales every day. It was the new Mario Kart 8 that saved Nintendo at the moment with its exorbitant sales and it also helped push some machines into the market. The upcoming E3 2014 is going to play a crucial role for the company to leave a good impression among gaming enthusiasts and investors. If they could pull it off with some exciting titles and release them in time, it might save the ship from sinking before the new budget console lands.

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