Nintendo Announces E3 2014 Schedule, Wii U Gets Youtube Support

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Nintendo is all set to show off its first party titles during E3 2014 but on the same lines as last year, the company will not be hosting a traditional press conference.

It will be a digital event which is scheduled to take place on June 10. Titled the Nintendo Digital Event, it is going to be full of everything you love about the company so far, including Mario Kart, Zelda, Donkey Kong among others. The event should be interesting because the company is on the verge of losing their number one position in the first party console zone.

They used to be the leaders in churning out exclusive titles and used to compete against themselves rather than going head on with Microsoft or Sony. But, the reserved place is now wobbling and the organization’s head announced that they are planning to release a budget console for emerging markets next year. More information about this new console is expected to be revealed during their digital event. Players will be able to watch it live on the Nintendo official website as well as other popular gaming websites. For the E3 2014 digital conference, the company has promised that it will be offering great gaming experience for both Wii U and 3DS console.

Nintendo Minute Live

As soon as the digital event comes to an end, the company plans to host another show titled Nintendo Minute Live @ E3 – a post-show recap of everything they announced earlier. It will also be used as a platform to show some more games and will serve as an elaborate version of their E3 conference. Most companies will hardly have time to elaborate their titles during the event because it will be filled with game play videos and teaser trailers. The main event will usually be designed in a way that grabs the attention of the audience while post or pre-event shows will be focused on revealing more information such as release dates, developer talks among many others.

With passing years, the Electronics Entertainment Expo is becoming more of a confusing affair because it doesn’t have as strong a focus as it used to have. Indies are trying to grab the crowd’s attention in one booth while the big players fight against each other on the big stage. Microsoft and Sony are all set to show off their best titles because it is the time of the year when they are supposed to convince players to buy their consoles. Sony is already in the lead but the significant price drop and good exclusives could help the Xbox One compete in the race.

On the other hand, Nintendo is not faring so well with their Wii U console. The event will have surprising announcements, says their press release. Mario Kart 8 has boosted the console sales and they now allow direct Youtube upload which should help a bit in bringing it to the forefront again. Let’s see how well it could fare in the near future.

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