Nexus 7 vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – Pricing and Specifications Compared

The Nexus 7 is the latest generation tablet featuring Google’s Android operating system.

It comes from the makers of Android – Google, and is likely to be much better than its rivals, especially in terms of user experience. Not only is the device expected to get updates to the android OS much faster, but the product also seems oriented towards running the OS in the best possible manner. Samsung also has a range of tablets, but they recently came out with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which could be a tablet killer.


There are a lot of aspects in which the Nexus 7 and the Galaxy Note 3 can be separated. One of them is the design. Being a full-fledged tablet, the Nexus 7 is much larger and wider. It also has to accommodate a 7 inch display along with front facing speakers. As a result, the bezel is quite thick. Despite this, it is one of the thinnest tablets in the market, measuring just 8.7 mm. In comparison, the Galaxy Note 3 is a substantially easier device to carry. It may be just bigger than your hand, but it will fit into your pocket nonetheless.


Yet, the Galaxy Note 3 tries to come close to the Nexus 7 in terms of screen size. This is one major differentiating aspect between a tablet and a phablet. With its 5.7 inch display, it is not surprising to say that the Galaxy Note 3 is only 1.3 inches below the Nexus 7 in this specification. Further, it will be able to boast a much better pixel density thanks to the full HD resolution offered by the display. The Nexus 7 suffers slightly in this regard due to the large display. Due to the extra real estate, Nexus 7 comes with excellent speakers that make this device a great multimedia companion.


The Galaxy Note 3 is more likely to be a business companion since it comes with a stylus that can be used to enhance the possibilities of the device even further. One will be able to take notes and create pictures just as they would do with a pen and paper. Further, the stylus also supports several nifty features like the air commands, which enhance its value even further.


The Nexus 7 may be an excellent multimedia device due to its display, but it loses out on the memory department due to the lack of external memory card support and only two options in internal memory. The 16 GB and 32 GB options are far less compared to the maximum of 64 GB offered by the Galaxy Note 3 in the internal memory alone. Along with this, the Samsung device also supports memory cards of up to 64 GB. This makes it quite comprehensive at storing large files like movies.

Both devices are comparable in terms of battery life as they would easily work a full day on a single charge. The 32 GB version of the Nexus 7 costs only $230 compared to the $550 price of the Galaxy Note 3 with the same memory.

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