New Integrated Google Hangouts vs The Older Skype

Let us see, if the new face of Hangout can outwit the well-established and older face of Skype.

Calling to Other Mobiles/Landline

Google Hangouts lets its users avail a Google Hangouts Local number. Upon using which, it enables Hangouts and lets all its users receive or make phone calls to mobiles or landlines. Calls made from U.S and Canada are absolutely free. On the other hand, Skype only provides an unlimited call option for Skype-to Skype calls. For all other calls, the users require a Skype Paid Subscription.

International Calling

Hangouts users can access the unlimited international calling option with other hangouts users while Skype also offers the same option to its users. For both the applications, international calls to non-users of the respective application are supposed to be paid.

Text Messaging

Google hangouts do not provide the option of text messaging via SMS to its users, but Google Voice provides an SMS option for its users to connect to the domestic numbers. Skype has an option of SMS services for its users, but it is a paid feature with the rates differing from country to country!

Mobile device Access

All mobile devices in the market have a basic support for Google Hangouts and Skype. Google hangouts work smoothly over a 3G/4G/Wi-Fi connection. In case of AT&AT users, only a Wi-Fi connection will work. Skype, on the other hand, works over a 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/Data Plans.

Video Conferencing

Up to 10 people can conference on Google hangouts for free while other paid plans increase the provision up to 15 participants. One participant should have a Skype Premium Account to let the participants hold a conference call and avail the participation up to 15. Skype only allows one-to-one video conferencing.

Screen Mirroring/Sharing

For Hangouts users, it is possible to share the screen in a chat room. On the other hand, Skype lets its users share the screen only after establishing a video call! On Hangouts, the users can send documents and pictures, while on Skype, users can share files over audio/ video call services or IM.

Customized Presence

Hangouts has not yet allowed its users to set their mood or status as of now, while Skype has the age-long emoticons, custom status messages and default statuses and moods as well.

Chatting History

On Google Hangouts, Users can choose to save the chat history to their Gmail accounts. While with Skype, the users can avail the history of chats by keeping the room open or later by tapping on a contact.

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