New GTA 5 Secrets You Haven’t Noticed

There are a lot of things happening in GTA 5 while playing it, and many of us don’t notice them. However, there are many GTA 5 fans, which are looking very in-depth while playing this game. Today we’re going to unveil some of these “secrets”.

CJ and Big Smoke in GTA 5:During the “Hood Safary” mission in GTA 5 (single-player mode), you will have to get to “Groove Street”, which is one of the key-places in GTA San Andreas. On your way, you will notice two characters on bikes, which look like Carl “CJ” Johnson and Big Smoke.

Max Payne or Michael: In sub-urban clothing store, while you’re playing as “Michael”, you can make him look like Max Payne from Max Payne 3, by making him wear a Hawaiian shirt, adding a full beard, some aviator shades on his face and you can make him bald.

PlayBoy Mansion: Outside of Los Santos City, more exactly in the north-west side of the map, there is a place there which will looks like the Playboy mansion, with some half-naked women.

Halo…ish: Outside of the Oriental Movie Theatre, there is a street performer dressed like Master Chief from the Halo game.

Two more UFOs: There are two more UFOs to be seen in this game. One can be spotted near the Sandy Shores, while the second one is above fort Sancudo.

Secret info on the special edition of GTA 5: The special Edition of GTA 5 has a map, which comes with a lot of information in it. This secret information can be seen only when the black light is thrown on the map.

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