New Google Chrome without Extensions – It’s Finally Here!

After the announcement in December to make Google Chrome ‘a walled multi-colored garden’, by ripping off all of its third party extensions and its installation features, Chrome stood still and unwavering to carry out the announcement till a few days earlier.

Recently, it shut-off all browser extensions originating anywhere from outside the Chrome web store. This also means that all previously installed extensions will be on an automatic mode that disables the same for Google Chrome’s own enhanced functioning.

Earlier, when it had initially made its debut, Chrome had, for years, refused to support extensions unlike its other competitors like Firefox, Opera, IE and Safari. That stern decision significantly saw changes over the past few years as well and Chrome added millions of other extensions over the years to improve its functionality. But, with the advent of Chrome 35, strings have all cut off back to the sole first tree. Google is firm on the stance that it will not permit the installation of any extensions unless they are a part of the official Chrome Store. In addition, the excuse that Google has, is incredibly valid as well: Malware! What user would like to risk his or her entire virtual safety for a few extensions? The answer to that is none!
The functioning of a malware involves silently installing extensions in your browser to track your activity. This induces advertisements and tracks all activities on your browsers. The authorities earlier established the official warning to its users, which said that if they found strange ads, slow browsing or faulty web page post installation of a new browser plugin or software, your PC might have been attacked. Google had proposed this change to mainly take place earlier this year with the release of Google Chrome 33, but now finally Chrome 35 is out with it.

Loopholes to These Cases

However, it is not yet impossible to install the said extensions from outside the Chrome Web Store. If the users and business corporations are using a developer version of Chrome and if they desire, they can utilize the extensions by loading the local form of extensions from outside the Chrome Web Store, using their user enterprise tools. The extension disabling applies to extensions installed primarily from third-party resources, which will then duly be disabled upon the installation or upgrade to Google Chrome 35. For counter-acting this, you should just wait for the developer to create the same. Hence, for the layman user, it indeed is the Chrome Web Store or null!

In addition, the inline installations are carried out without much ado. The primary point of inline installations is actually to let its users install the extensions from the respective redirection from ‘Chrome Web Store’, having no chance to leave the site they are visiting. Although, everything a common user needs is available in extensive formats on the Chrome Web Store itself, it is not the whole story. Chrome has been using its stand-alone applications and such for its Chrome Operating System advertisements as well.

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