Mozilla Firefox to Incorporate a Replica of Google Now in Its Mobile Versions

Mozilla Firefox has announced that the future of search engine in its mobile version is going to be user-enhanced to compete with the rival application of Google Now.

Google Now lets its users avail the information regarding weather, check E-mail, flight schedules, flight booking packages, display relevant destinations in the vicinity and track the teams or stock that they prefer.
Mozilla has inferred from its research that all users of mobile spend 20% of their total time on the browser and of that, 90% is spent in searching for information. Till date, Firefox has been efficient in providing its users with information regarding their previous search- stop with the help if its effective tabs like History, Saved Form and Bookmarks; and it has proved rather inefficient in providing its users new information for their search queries. Hence, Firefox has planned to assist its users to provide enhanced information customized search based on their location and context.

Core Interaction

Firefox has brought forth an ingenious idea to let its users swipe up to launch a search form on the top to see the recommendations based on the history. Check this website to see this:

The swipe lets its users search Dashboard, perform Multi Search and end them up in Rich results. Rich results enable the user to see the card format of the searched information.

To see the cards, check this address:
Upon viewing the aforementioned site, the mock-up cards developed by the designer can be cited as almost identical to Google Now. Three main cards are based on the user’s context of Location, Products and General Information. The location based card displays information, exemplifying a business, it’s all possible locations and addresses; contact information including the website, mail ID and phone number; reviews and ratings. A product-based card displays the price, features and physical description of the product, along with the place where it is available for purchase. A General Info card, exemplifying a sports person, displays small tabular information about the Birth, death, Team, Body measurements, Twitter and a tiny ‘Read More’ at the bottom, that redirects the user the Wikipedia page of the person, respectively. A huge distinctive characteristic of Mozilla is that it uses different sites like Wikipedia, online shopping sites, Yelp and such to provide information for its user, while Google Now uses its own database to provide the information. Mozilla Firefox has aimed at providing its next step of upgrade with search-in information.


This work is yet in its prototype format but Firefox is aiming at bringing out its working model soon enough. Overall, Mozilla’s process of providing information might not be as wide as Google, which has its own mail in Gmail. Therefore, unlike Google, it might not be able to connect the users to their personal email-Ids to provide information based on personal preferences. Nevertheless, Firefox’s version is slightly more preferable for users who prefer internet for its wide display of information from places diverse and of Diaspora.

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