Mortal Kombat X Wishlist and Features Revealed In Teaser

The official teaser for Mortal Kombat X has landed but sadly, it revealed very little about the game.

The video looks rendered and you can’t presume whether it is actual game play or a completely animated video that simulates the original fight. Either way, it looked impressive because the game has retained its 2.5D experience as the characters continued to move only sideways. It is good news because most gamers were worried that if MK tried to be the next Injustice, it will end up being a slapstick fighter rather than the one everyone was used to right from MK1.

The teaser also revealed some important information that includes the fact that all your favorite characters are returning and they will possess their iconic powers without any drastic changes. It showed off Sub Zero fighting Scorpion in a gloomy, forest setting with an artistic environment. If such level of graphics could be rendered onto the game, it will be worth to be called as next gen without a doubt. However, the game is also scheduled to land on PS3 and Xbox 360, which might play a role in determining the graphical quality of the final output.

Growing Wish List

Gamers have already started discussing about Mortal Kombat X and the possible features that could escalate the game to a new level. One of the interesting suggestions is to alter a character’s movement if their bones are broken. However, the game uses a fragile system that allows players to easily break their opponent’s bones, which should be changed to more realism so that the fights don’t become one sided all the time. Another suggestion is to come up with an engaging single player campaign that has an impressive story line and will allow gamers to proceed with their favorite characters. It could also include two-player co-op fights like Tekken tag tournament or could allow players to switch in-between so that they could jointly proceed through the story. A lot of suggestions are pouring in every day even though the game has been scheduled to launch only in 2015. An extensive game play trailer and more information about the title is expected to be revealed during the E3 2014 event scheduled to take place on June 9th.

Weapons and Moves

The trailer for Mortal Kombat X revealed that all the weapons, moves and X-ray attack is coming back, which is much of a relief. When some games try to be different from their usual self, it might end up annoying its core fans. It is good to see MK staying true to the roots of the franchise and retaining its original game play. The 10th installment of the game launches next year but more details related to it and maybe a booth to try it out could be a part of the upcoming E3 expo. The game designer Ed Boon didn’t reveal more about the title after the teaser got released but he will most probably be there at the conference to talk about his visions for the new installment in the popular fighting franchise.

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