Missing on Windows Phone Store: Whats up with WhatsApp?

Two weeks of disappearance act from WhatsApp on Windows phone has been pinned down to one of the several finite reasons now: Notification bugs.

The commotion of the frustrated fans and loyalists of WhatsApp and Windows phone together had unleashed their assumed fury over the innocent Windows Phones. The followers did not wait to find out if the problem was with their beloved WhatsApp or Microsoft.

Conservatively, the sales of Windows phones were up at a level of 8 million till two weeks prior, which has drastically decreased to just a million as of now. For the new users who might have tried to install the application, not finding the application on the Windows Phone Store must have been a serious blow. To these newbies, the application just does not exist on their new phones! That routes them to the blame game Microsoft has been trying to clarify. When the disappearance act was confirmed two weeks ago, Microsoft officials posted crazy tweets to gain the trust of their users. It said, “WhatsApp chose to unpublish their app from the Windows Phone Store after discovering an issue with how notifications are being handled on Windows Phone 8, Update 3. We are working closely with WhatsApp to resolve the issue quickly. Thank you for your patience and sorry for the inconvenience”.

The comment is not yet self-sufficient to clarify the doubts of the users who were long awaiting this much-required information on WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp has confirmed now that the notifications and updates of their application that popped on the windows platform had just too many bugs and were a major threat to the smooth working of the phone. Microsoft added, “We know it is taking longer than expected to find a solution and make WhatsApp available again. However, quality is a top priority for Microsoft and WhatsApp, and we want to get it right.”

To emphasize the work on the big bug along those lines, WhatsApp and Microsoft together have not yet released a date when the application will be accessible. All the same, the whole deal could have been handled much better than the hush-hush and lets-see-if-they-will-spot it-at-all games.

What to Do?

With the temporary demise of WhatsApp, newer applications like Telegram have popped up to assist the Windows Phone users. Telegram is yet in its beta version but boasts of a number of additional features as compared to WhatsApp. Telegram lets its users send videos up to 1 GB, share as many pictures as the users demand from internet and most importantly, it lets the users chat with 200 contacts! Telegram has availed more than 5 Million downloads after WhatsApp crashed. All said, it would be much better to have a WhatsApp without any problems rather than a WhatsApp that simply would not stop crashing.

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