Minecraft Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita August 2014 Release Date

Minecraft fans should be happy that Minecraft is finally coming to the new-generation consoles: Xbox One, PS4, PS Vita.

Mojang, the publisher of Minecraft, apologized to their fans because they will have to wait so long, but creating games for the new-generation consoles takes time and resources. They added that the current Minecraft players will have the option to “upgrade” their version to the new-generation consoles for a discounted price.

Minecraft: Xbox One version price on Xbox Live Marketplace is $19.99, but if you want to upgrade from Minecraft: Xbox 360 version to Minecraft: Xbox One version you will have to pay only $4.99. The PlayStation 4 version costs $19.99 on PlayStation Network but if you upgrade from PlayStation 3 version it will cost you only $4.99.

Mojang said that the players of Minecraft: Xbox One version will be able to save and import their worlds from Minecraft: Xbox 360, but it cannot be done vice-versa.

Mojang is working with Sony Computer Entertainment on a way to produce blue-ray discs of this game for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita versions.

Minecraft will come on the new-generation consoles with larger worlds, 36 bigger than the ones who are on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

Few days ago, we’ve seen Xbox 360 and Xbox One screenshots from a Minecraft game and we noticed how far away we can now see ahead on the new generation consoles, instead of getting the foggy view from the Xbox 360 version.

Are you going to get the Minecraft on the new-generation consoles in August?


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