Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 Release At E3

E3 2014 is almost here and a lot of players and game critics are wondering if 4J Studios and Mojang will reveal Minecraft for the new-generation consoles at this year’s E3.

Minecraft on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Even if there are rumors saying that Minecraft –launched on the new-generation consoles – will come with a new level of HD graphics, 4J Studios did not confirm them, saying that there are a few changes in terms on graphics, but these differences are not so substantial.

As for the game modes, they will still have the single player and multiplayer modes. They can play in survival mode, where they will need to defend themselves from all kinds of creatures at night, and during the day they should mine as much resources they can. This way, they will be able to craft armors, build castles, etc.

A better control experience

For now it’s not official, but there are rumors that Minecraft on PlayStation 4 edition will allow players to be more creative. We all know that Minecraft was firstly released for PC and the gameplay is made for keyboard and mouse control and console players may find a bit difficult to play it. There are rumors saying that 4J Studios may try to bring a better control experience for the console players.

Minecraft at E3 2014

A lot of Minecraft fans are waiting to hear more about their preferred game, “Minecraft”, on this year’s E3, which will be held next week.

Do you think we will get any news about Minecraft for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles on this year’s E3?

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