Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition: Title Updates, Features, Fixes and More

The Minecraft Xbox 360 edition is the version of Minecraft, a game developed by the 4J Studios and Mojang with Microsoft Studios for the Xbox 360, released in May 2012 and priced at around $20. The game is very similar to the version offered for downloading and the updates are also offered at the same time, having all the features of the PC version.

Download Skin Packs

Players can also download the Skin Packs that are produced and released by 4J Studios, with 45 to select from. These skin packs contain the characters in the Xbox 360 game, with characters like Master Chief and also several original designs.

How to Update:

The game is a very creative and adventurous one and the creators keep adding updates regularly for addressing issues, bugs and fixing glitches, as well as for adding something novel to the game. You can easily update these with the help of an Internet connection.

You have to first select Minecraft in the game library or you can use the Minecraft disk. When you are connected or when the disc starts to load, you can view the update notice. You can click on yes for installing the update. After the update is completed, you can press on continue and then go on to enjoy playing the game along with the new updates and fixes.

TU15 – Title Update

The Title Update 15 released for the Xbox 360 in April 2014 addressed several issues in the game.

TU16 – Released for the Xbox 360

There were fixes for blocks that started reappearing when they had already been mined; random falling damages; slow loading of chunks; maps not being displayed correctly during the start of the game; audio issues in the split screen mode; blocks were not presenting the damage in the splitscreen and there were Enderdragon sounds; problems related to spawning chickens as well as mooshrooms and the Wolves; the initial item in the quick select bar used to move over to the inventory when it was opened; villager eggs were not able to create random professions and many other such glitches.

The Title Update 16 or TU16 was released in May 2014, this month for the Xbox 360 but owners of the PS3, PlayStation 3, will need to wait for another week to get the patch for their consoles.

TU16 – Features and Fixes

The TU16 for the Xbox 360 offers a lot of fixes for bugs present in this sandbox game. In addition, the update also introduces the Candy Texture pack as well as the Natural Texture one for the PS3 edition. The update fixes the issue of players becoming invisible when they die, after re-spawning and also when two gamers pass through a nether gate simultaneously.

In the previous version, there was also a problem of players becoming invisible when they were teleported till the player viewing them as invisible started moving or till they started moving themselves. This problem has also been addressed. The Noteblock pitch also had errors, especially playing the chords, which has been addressed as well.

When baby mobs turned into adults, they used to die, which has also been fixed along with chunks that did not load in the maps. When a CD is removed from the jukebox, the streaming music would not play; these and several other glitches have been removed with the latest TU16 update.

Focusing on New Versions

4J Studios is focusing more on the Minecraft new version for the Xbox One and the PS4 and are currently making tests on worlds, which are about 36 times bigger than the worlds in the PS3 and the Xbox 360. When the new version of Minecraft will be released, it will enable the importing of the worlds from the Xbox 360 and the PS3 to the modern consoles, such as the PS4, the PS Vita and the Xbox One.

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