Minecraft PS4 Trailer Officially Released At E3 2014

While some of them were busy claiming that it was one of the lonely games during the grand E3 2014 conference, ardent fans flocked to the booths to try Minecraft PS4 edition.

The game is all set to get launched shortly and to commemorate this release, 4J studios has released a trailer for the next gen version of the game. It is surprising to see that a huge group of people, from the gamer community, still don’t understand what the hype is all about, but when it launches on Xbox One and Playstation 4, chances are high that plenty of new people would want to check it out. After all, it had sold millions of copies on the PS3 console and continues to be the top selling game in multiple continents.

Next Gen Has Arrived

With hundreds of games trying to grab gamer’s attention during the E3 2014 conference, it is not surprising to see that Minecraft PS4 got very little attention. But, despite all these hurdles, you just can’t blame Sony for not giving it some space during their conference. The company had to skip a lot of other titles as well because they hardly had a ninety minute conference which was already jam packed. The event confirmed that it is more of a niche title, where only the best go to and experience, addictive, sandbox style gaming with RPG elements. It is good to see that Mojang and 4J studios took the necessary steps to ensure that the official trailer for the Playstation 4 version of the game got released on the second day of the event. For those of you who are already familiar with the game, the trailer isn’t ground breaking because Minecraft is not designed to be visually impressive on a new hardware but it will rather be introducing a whole lot of new features which were exclusive for PCs so far.

Exclusive PS4 Content

As revealed already, Minecraft PS4 will have some exclusive content on the release date. It includes the texture pack Ratchet and Clank, Uncharted, among others. The version will feature four player split screen and will also sport increased draw distances according to the developer. It is understandable that the game didn’t receive any breaking announcements for PS4 or PS Vita version of the game which made it a silent player during the E3 event. The Vita version had a short glimpse of the game during the announcement but it might have got noticed only by those ardent fans who can make out Minecraft within the five seconds of its being shown on stage. More details related to the game are expected to be revealed by Mojang as time progresses.

Minecraft PS4 along with the Xbox One edition is all set to get launched in August. The pricing will be $19.99 while there will be an upgrade option for players who already own the game on previous generation consoles. The world size on the new gen consoles will be 36 times bigger than its older counterpart which ensures a more engrossing game play experience.

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