Minecraft Pocket Edition – Diverse Gameplay with Exclusive Features

Apart from the general console version of the game, Minecraft is also available in the pocket edition. This is the mobile version of the game that was created by Mojang AB. The version was specifically launched on Google Play for Xperia Play and was priced at $6.99, released in August 2011. The edition is also available in various Android devices. The pocket edition of the game was also released for iOS devices in November 2011 and can be purchased from the App Store. The following year, it was available in the Amazon Appstore as well.

Gameplay of Pocket Version

The goal in this version is the same as the console edition and the desktop edition. Players have to build up their virtual reality within a sandbox environment. There are certain Survival elements that are lacking in the pocket edition, which are offered in the other versions of the game. These include the redstone circuits as well as hunger. The game also offers a multiplayer mode and this is a cross platform one between iOS devices and Android devices.

All other elements, including the HUD can be adapted for mobile gameplay. The touchscreen is used for the interactive features of the game, whereas the soft keys can be used in Android OS devices. The game play is the same for both iOS versions and Android versions. Some of the features of the game have been revised, due to the problems arising from the touchscreen form of gameplay.

For example, the MATTIS system is used in the crafting system, whereby items can be disposed by using the hot bar with a long tap on the relevant icon. The graphics of the pocket edition are similar to those of the Alpha version. After the 0.8.0 update, the graphics have been stepped up to that of the desktop version. In fact, many users also feel that the graphics of the pocket edition are better than that of the desktop version. This is due to the Sun’s position affecting the light shading and giving it interesting tints.

What’s Different?

Considering the different aspects of the pocket edition when compared to the PC version, it is seen that the maximum Render distance in the pocket edition is more than that in the desktop version. The mobs have some feature that is different from their counterparts in the desktop version. There are three ways in which players connect in the multiplayer mode. They can connect using a LAN, with ten players using a single server. They can also connect using Minecraft Realms, after the update 0.7.2 made this possible. The third alternative is by using external servers that are created by the user, which was possible after the 0.7.4 version update.

Diverse Features

The game is also a little diverse from the PC version using some of these new features. The MATTIS system has been used for crafting. There is no Nether and instead, there is a Nether Reactor. When the Reactor combines with the gold and the cobblestone in a particular kind of placement, the huge netherrack fortress is created. This consumes plenty of space on activation of the core. It leads to the spawning of zombie pigmen and they turn hostile. Many other items are randomly spawned in the room.

Exclusive Features

The Pocket Edition enjoys some exclusive features, such as beetroots and beetroot soup and seeds. One health point is healed by rose red that is crafted from Beetroot. If you turn it into soup, you can recover more, with a one on fourteen likelihood of popping out of the grass blocks during harvest. Bone meal can be used for growing sugarcane and the color of the sheep’s face and patches are the same as the wool color, when sheared.

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