Minecraft PC Servers Get New Rules, No More Pay to Win

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Mojang is extremely busy at the moment working on creating a new set of terms and conditions for people running Minecraft servers.

The game is one of the extremely popular titles on PC which also serves as a primary source of income for many skilled modders. About two weeks ago, someone pointed out that Mojang’s EULA states that people are not allowed to make money through the game. If that rule is to be applied literally, some of the most popular servers running now will be closed which will most probably mark the end of Minecraft.

Later, in two different blog posts, the company has confirmed their stand. It clarifies that players are prohibited from earning money for additional game play features but they are allowed to do anything that doesn’t directly provide a tactical advantage to those who pay. It all started with a bunch of tweets, where server owners argued with Minecraft developers, who clarified that they are not supposed to charge money according to their license agreement. Most believed this new rule will completely ruin the game. Even though, the company has now tried to explain that people are not banned from making money, the explanation is quite debatable.

Donations, Visual Enhancements Allowed

A wide range of servers host Minecraft, with most of them focusing on selling important game play features which are commonly known as ‘Ranks’. The servers that run Vanilla version of the game also provide multiple perks to their donators by allowing them to join their server, even when it is full, by kicking other players out, providing the ability to fly and summoning a TNT which is usually restricted in most servers. People, who run these servers, mod the games, provide replicated versions or entirely new games to attract more players but their sole aim is to make money out of it. With Mojang’s new policy, these servers may have to stop running because they can’t accept donations or any kind of payment without providing valuable ranks for their players.

Mojang’s Policy

From a general perspective, it looks like Mojang is trying to kill them all; but their actual motive is to make sure that every player who enters a server gets the same experience. A lot of servers uses custom created modes, features such as in-game chat and hosts hundreds of gamers at the same time. It requires plenty of money to run them all, which can be made only by enticing players to pay for exclusive features which will give them an edge against others. Mojang clearly stated that their EULA is applicable for mods as well, because it still uses Minecraft and they are not supposed to charge people for game play features. However, server owners are allowed to charge users to allow entry into servers and stuff like skin packs that doesn’t affect the game play experience. Owners also should charge the same amount for all players and shouldn’t promote kick off features for those who pay higher fees.

The deadline to comply with the regulation is August 1. It is yet to be seen how this will affect the game as a whole.

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