Microsoft Surface Pro 2 Vs Surface Pro 3 – Specs Comparison

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The new Microsoft Surface Pro has just been released on June 20th, as a successor to the previous Surface Pro 2. The Surface Pro 3 comes with the expected upgraded specifications and design. Both the tablets come from the Windows software maker, Microsoft, and are pitted in competition with each other.


The Surface Pro 2 and the Surface Pro 3 are light and thin devices. They are also very portable and offer good power. However, the Surface Pro 3 is lighter and thinner as well as bigger than the Surface Pro 2. The Pro 3 comes in dimensions of 11.5 x 7.93 x 0.36 inches and weighs 1.76 g. However, this weight does not include the keyboard and the pen. The Surface Pro 2, on the other hand has smaller dimensions of 10.81 x 6.81 x 0.52 inches and weighs 2 pounds. The Pro 2 is made from dark titanium, whereas the Pro 3 makes use of silver that is magnesium colored.


The Pro 3 display is larger than that of the Pro 2, 12 inches diagonally. It offers a full HD display screen, when compared to the display size of 10.6 inches of the Pro 2. The pixel rate of the Pro 3 is also higher at 2160 x 1440p, compared to the lower 1920 x 1080p of the Pro 2. In fact, the Pro 3 is considered to have a pixel free display and also the highest ratio of contrast in the industry. In addition, the scaling from Windows 8.1 is optimized for the Pro 3.

However, though the Pro 3 comes with more number of pixels and a higher resolution, the sharpness or the quality of the images and text are almost the same in both the Pro 3 and the Pro 2. Both the displays also have reduced glare. The desktop aspect of the Surface Pro 3 makes the display shinier, as the display size of 12 inches makes it look more like a portable computer, with its square shape. You can run three apps side by side on the Pro 3.

Processor Specs

The Pro 3 is a very slim device but contains the powerful Intel Core i7 chip within its small frame. The Pro 2 released last year had a 4th generation i5 chip from Intel Core. Buyers will be offered a better selection, as the Surface Pro 3 will come in variants, such as i3, i5 and i7, so that different customers with varying needs can opt for a suitable device.

Battery Comparison

The battery of the Microsoft Pro 3 is much better than that of the Pro 23. The battery lasts for around 212 minutes, whereas that of the Pro 2 lasts for around 187 minutes.

Features – What’s New?

The Pro 3 has all the features present in the Pro 2, such as the microSD card reader and the USB 3 port. It also has the same Mini DisplayPort jack and the headphone. The kickstand seen in the Pro 2 is also present in the Pro 3. However, in case of the Pro 3, it can be kept at any angle from 0 to 150 degrees offering greater capability, whereas the Pro 2 only had a dual position device.

The Pro 3 also features speakers facing the front. These Dolby speakers come with a volume that is 48% more than that of the Pro 2. The stylus in the Pro 3 is also more natural when compared to that in the Pro 2.


The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 comes off as a better device with newer features, being more sophisticated. However, the Pro 2 is a very capable contender when compared with other tablets in the market.

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