Mass Effect 4 – Is It Really Going to be Revealed at E3?

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A recent tweet by Aaryn Flynn, the Edmonton and Montreal general manager at Bioware, discloses the fact that Mass Effect 4 is already in a playable state.

This means that the development of the game is almost complete. In his tweet, he describes the game as beautiful and ambitious, while being fresh. Perhaps the players can now look forward to some new content in the game, which makes it different from the rest of the franchise, and yet recognizable as a part of a story. Of course, Flynn did not forget to add that the game was fun, and that is perhaps all that the fans of the game needed to hear.

Mass Effect 4 – What to Expect?

It is already known that Mass Effect 4 and most of other EA’s action titles have something in common; they are all being developed on the latest Frostbite 3 engine. Therefore, you can expect the game to be faster, crisper and have an edge. Some of the other games that are utilizing this engine include the much anticipated Battlefield 4 and Star Wars Battlefront. According to the studio, this upcoming sequel will bring in a completely fresh take on the franchise. While all three titles in the trilogy have mainly focused on Commander Shepard’s battle with the Reapers, this new title will move the game away from it. This does not mean that the new game would not be as much fun, just that it gives a fresh take on the franchise.

Release Dates

While there is no announcement on the expected release dates yet, the fact is that the game is in playable state. Therefore, how much longer could it really take before the studio is finally ready to dole the title out? Though it may still be almost a year before the game is finally ready to be rolled out, but if everything goes smoothly, we might get a glimpse of it even sooner. In the coming months, there could be more news about it. Meanwhile, Yanick Roy, the studio director at Bioware Montreal, has hinted at his participation in E3 2014, firing up speculations of a possible reveal of Mass Effect 4 during the conference.

Why the Reveal?

If the game is not nearly completed as of now, why would the studio be revealing it at E3? Simple, because it would create some much needed hype around the Mass Effect franchise, which has not seen its share of limelight in a while. Bioware has already been openly talking about the game through their blogs and on social media although they have decided not to make any official reveals. The last time any official news was out about the game was only when the game was still in the middle of its development process. The studio has hinted at the final release in 2015, but there is still no official word on it. Perhaps, if the game does get revealed at E3, we will find out more about what fans will finally be able to get their hands on a copy. For right now, rumors have it that this next installment in the franchise would be called Mass Effect: Origins. Rumor also has it that this fresh take might snowball into its own triology.

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