Make Legit Unlimited Money in GTA 5 Online With Trick After the 1.13 Patch

With the release of the 1.13 update on GTA 5, followed by some hot fixes, it seems that Rockstar Games fixed all existing unlimited money glitches in GTA 5 Online.

But as usual, players find new ways to make unlimited money in GTA 5 Online. It seems that there is a new way to make fast money in GTA 5, without using any glitches.

It doesn’t involve car duplication or some in-game glitches which require you to sell a car at the Los Santos Customs.

This trick is simple and you will need to find an armored truck and follow these instructions:

1. If there is an armor truck near you, you will see it in your mini map. After you find the armor truck, you will need to drive the car to its location and park in front of it, in a way that it will block its way on the road. When the armor truck stands still go to Online->Options and change your spawn location to the last location. Now you will need to find a job from Rockstar Verified Jobs or one of your favorite bookmarked jobs. After you are re-spawned at the same location in GTA Online (when the job mission is still active), quickly leave the job session and log back into the online game.

2. Do not try to blowup the armored truck when there are other vehicles parked nearby, since they might explode too, and if you are nearby, you will be killed on the spot. Instead, go behind it with your car and throw a sticky bomb on its rear door. After you see the armored truck doesn’t have any car close by, blow it up using your remote. After the explosion, a lot of cash will fall off to the ground. So, if you are doing this without any police cars near you, you won’t get the “wanted level”.

3. After that, just hit the D-Pad and go back to single-player by leaving the online session, and log back into story mode. After that hit Star and pick “Invite Only Session”. Look out for the armored truck which should spawn somewhere near your location.

Repeat the process and get more money in GTA Online without risking to be banned.


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