Line Makes Communication Cute – Here’s the Secret

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Line has shown the world how to speak your heart out using stickers.

It has redefined the way people chat over social messaging apps. Previously, users used to chat online through text and smileys. The way of expressing feelings was limited to exchanging text and smileys and attaching files. The chat clients were also basic with limited features. Now with Line, chatting has become cute and crazy! Line appears cute due to its sleek and fresh user interface (UI). It is available for both smartphone and PC users unlike others that are available only on mobile platforms. Read on to know more about Line.

Goodies and More: All for Free

The app is freely available for download in all major app stores. You can also download the app for your Windows PC or Mac. Line supports the latest Windows 8.1 OS and it is optimized for seamless use over PCs and smartphones. There are in-app purchases too within Line. You can pay for buying premium stickers. However, the free collection of stickers and emoticons are also popular and these are good enough to express most of your feelings towards your friends and family. With Line, you can make free calls to all the active Line users on the planet. Only data charges apply. If you are using Line over a Wi-Fi connection, then the video and voice call service come absolutely free too.

Line is Fast, Flamboyant and Futuristic

If you have ever used this app, you will know this well. The app works really fast unlike other instant messaging alternatives. It never hangs or crashes during the loading phase. Just a click at the cool green Line icon and you are good to go connecting with millions of Line users worldwide. The overall look is fresh and you have a trendy messaging app with a bunch of interesting features. The Movie Snap sharing feature is futuristic. Have you ever thought before that you can share a part of a movie with your friends while you are watching it? Yes, you can do it with Line. Cool, isn’t it?

Share Everything on the Go

Line allows you to share videos, photos, voice messages, music and everything you can imagine. You can share all these by tapping anywhere on the Line UI. You can also share photos right after clicking them with your phone camera. This lends you the joy of remaining closely connected to your Line friends near or far. The app also features an ‘Official Accounts’ page where you can get regular updates and promo offers from your favorite brands. What more can one expect from a messaging app? That’s not all — you can even add your favorite shopping outlet on Line and receive gift coupons! Redeem the coupon while you shop next.

You can do all these on the go. Line makes it possible. You just need a working data connection, preferably 3G, and there you are! This cute messaging app will always keep you connected with your world.

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