Line – Communicating With Others Is Very Easy If You Have This All-in-One App

Voice calling applications, like Line, have made business calls and calls to loved ones across the globe, more interesting and affordable.

This application can be accessed using a 3G/4G Internet connection or a Wi-Fi network. Apart from normal calls, video calling and conferencing abilities make the application very popular. It is also possible to send and receive text messages, video and audio files and graphics using this app. Group chat makes it possible to interact with more than one person at a time. Smileys or emoticons that are called stickers add fun to your chats. You can use Line on laptops, desktops and smartphones.

Operating Systems Supported

Although Line was at first developed for iOS and Android smartphones, it is now available on Blackberry, Nokia and Windows phones as well. It works on laptops and desktops that run on Windows and Mac operating systems. The cross platform availability has made it popular with more than 300 million users worldwide.

Popular Line Apps

Apart from the primary voice calling app, Line has a series of other apps that are just as fascinating. Most of these apps are available for Android and iOS operating systems. Line Deco helps you to customize the home screen icons and wallpapers of your smartphone with Line characters and themes. With Line Camera, you can add life to your photographs by applying more than 5,000 features such as stamps, filters and frames. Every week, new stamps are introduced. To showcase your artwork with your Line buddies, you must try out the Line Brush feature. It helps you to create your own piece of art or make modifications to a photo taken before. What’s more, you can share your artwork on different apps. With Line Card, you are sure to make anyone’s birthday or anniversary and just about any occasion extra special.

Interesting Line Games

Are you an avid gamer who would like to compete with your Line buddies in a game? Then Line Game is something that you must definitely check out. The following are some interesting Line games. The top rated game Rangers is all about protecting Sally and her town from aliens. Put your shooting skills to task with the Bubble game by not merely shooting bubbles but also by matching three bubbles of the same pattern before you shoot them. Test your general knowledge with the Quiz game that poses several questions on various topics that include entertainment, language, current events, cooking and more. To know what village life is and staying in a village that is inhabited by the monsters of the RPG Maple story, the MapleStory Village is a must play game. There are many other interesting games as well that are definitely worth exploring.

Call Charges

Calls between numbers in the Line network are free. This applies to all local, national and international calls. Calls to a number outside the Line network are charged. However, they are often quite nominally priced and cost far less than a normal call would usually be.


A Line account of the software version can be used on a laptop or desktop computer and just one other computer. However, the app version of an account can be used only on one smartphone. In other words, the same Line account cannot be used on both a smartphone and a tablet.       

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