LG HomeChat Is the Future: Chat with your Appliances

Partnering with the Line messaging app, LG delivers one of the most futuristic services under the name of HomeChat. Relying on the Natural Language Processing (NLP), the application lets a person send out a text to your appliances from LG. Working on Android, iOS, Nokia Asha, Windows Phone and BlackBerry devices, as well as Windows and OS X computers LG HomeChat truly delivers an amazing innovative experience and brings life to the household LG appliances. However is this truly the future and what does it actually let a person do?

Just an Update

Although, LG HomeChat brought quite the hype, it is just an update for the already sophisticated LG Smart ThinQ line, which incorporates all of the house LG appliances under the same AI software application. Up until now the cooking range, the washer/dryer and the fridge all had different apps, which ensured a quite chaotically connected feel. Now, the LG HomeChat lets people monitor all of their appliances from a single app, without them having to worry about chaos.

Not Exactly New

Because of their marketing campaign, the hype around LG HomeChat is quite understandable. However, it must be mentioned that the idea is not exactly new and doesn’t bring much to the table. Whirlpool has already introduced its ‘My Smart Appliances’ application that lets people manage their dishwasher, dryer, refrigerator and washer from a single app. Having that in mind, LG HomeChat may appear as a consolidation for the owners of LG appliances, but it nonetheless offers certain amazing features that truly make the software stand out.

Innovative and Fun

LG HomeChat has a certain standout feature that truly makes it outstanding. SMS-Based, the software not only lets a person be in connection with their smart appliances, but also lets people “chat” with them using natural-language commands. For example, if a person sends out a text to their appliances that they are going on a vacation, LG HomeChat ensures for a prompt automatic answer and will switch their robot vac to a default 9 a.m. cleaning cycle, their fridge to a power-save mode and their washer will directly auto program itself to run a wash cycle the day before the person has said that they will be heading back home.

Chat with The Fridge

LG HomeChat lets a person directly contact a certain appliance as well. For example, if they ask their Hom-Bot Square when was the last time it cleaned, it will answer promptly with the last time the vacuum has been run. A person can also ask their oven for suggestions for recipes. This is a neat touch and adds a whole new lifelike factor to the smart appliances.

The LG HomeChat may not be a huge innovation but it is definitely a step closer to the future. Moreover, it is a great addition to the already existing LG Smart apps and provides neat features, such as the natural-language commands that are SMS-based. The LG HomeChat is a great futuristic innovation and adds a whole new lifelike factor to the household smart LG appliances.

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