iPhone 6 – Rumored Features and Specifications Causing Samsung to Panic

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Samsung recently came out with the Samsung Galaxy S5, much earlier than scheduled.

Despite the Galaxy S4 being less than 12 months old, it was surprising to see the former phone being replaced so quickly by the Galaxy S5. However, it is largely in anticipation of the upcoming iPhone 6. Apple is set to once again take the industry by storm if the rumored specifications and features turn out to be true. The iPhone 6 could be the device that once again puts Apple back on the top.


Apple has been criticized in recent years for not providing the iPhone brand with sufficient ‘wow features’. Even the design has become a little stale, although the same cannot be said about the quality of construction, which is still impeccable. The iPhone 6 is expected to be the first major change in a couple of years – in terms of design. Based on the leaked images and specifications, it is highly expected that the iPhone 6 will be a much thinner device.

This would stretch the horizons even more, given that the iPhone 5S is already one of the thinnest devices in the market.


A major change could come about in terms of the screen size, as it is rumored that the iPhone 6 could feature a display that is much larger than its standard 4.5 inches. There have even been rumors about a 5.5 inch model, which is largely going to be done by using the edge-to-edge display with almost no bezel. Hence, the iPhone 6 is planning to take on the USP of the Samsung and HTC devices – a large display.


While companies like Samsung are expected to announce phones with 2K or even 4K resolution, it is looking highly unlikely that the iPhone will be even able to match a full HD resolution. This would be a major disappointment considering that the retina display set standards when it came to pixel density.


With regard to the processor, the iPhone 6 is expected to come with the A8 version. It remains to be seen if Apple provides the device with a quad core processor in keeping with the tradition of the Samsung and HTC phones. However, the iOS has never been a power hungry operating system and it should run perfectly fine on a dual core 1.9 GHz processor or thereabouts. The enormous increase in multitasking support has not been met with a subsequent increase in the RAM size. The iPhone 5S features only 1 GB RAM.


There have been rumors that the iPhone 6 could feature 1.5 GB or 2 GB of RAM. This is unlikely to make a major difference in terms of performance since the iPhone 5S already excels in this regard. The fingerprint sensor is expected to be substantially improved and reworked on the iPhone 6 along with a couple of other features like the camera.

The price of the iPhone 5S has been dropping and speculation is rife that the iPhone 6 could be launched in late August. The device could be priced just over $700 for the base variant.

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