iPad Mini 2 vs Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 – Specifications and Pricing Compared

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Since the arrival of the iPad Mini, there has been a sea change in what is expected from a tablet PC.

This device changes the notion that a tablet PC is predominantly bulky. Rather unsurprisingly, the second generation of device, iPad Mini 2 makes things even better. One of its competitors in the high-end smartphone segment, Samsung has just come out with the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 to compete with the iPad Mini 2.


The Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 starts things extremely well with an attractive design that also screams of quality unlike previous Samsung products. However, it still cannot come close to the iPad Mini 2 in this regard, which is one of the best-made products that money can buy. The 7.9 inch display is protected by Oleophobic coating and it supports a maximum resolution of 1536 x 2048 pixels. This makes it slightly better than the iPad Air in terms of pixel density, but it is overshadowed by the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4.


Despite featuring a slightly larger 8.4 inch display, the Samsung is capable of better pixel density due to the even higher resolution of 1600 x 2560 pixels. As with every other aspect like screen size and resolution, the two devices also differ in terms of the technology used as well. The iPad Mini 2 relies upon the IPS panel while the Super clear LCD display is used on the Samsung device.


There are different variants of the iPad Mini 2 depending upon the connectivity and internal memory. Since the device does not support external memory cards, it is important to choose a device that suits requirement. There is the possibility to make such a mistake on the Samsung device and still not regret it because it comes with an external memory card slot, which will take on micro SD cards of up to 64 GB.
Even though the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 cannot compete with the iPad Mini 2 in terms of the maximum internal memory of 128 GB, it can at least come close to it due to the memory card slot.


The power hungry android operating system needs to be handled by a quad core 2.3 GHz processor that comes with 2 GB of RAM. These specifications were almost twice that of the hardware present in the iPad Mini 2, but performance on the Apple device is better. The operating system used on the Apple device is less power hungry and is also optimized to run only on Apple devices. As a result, it can do with only a dual core 1.3 GHz processor. It is highly expected that the iPad Mini 2 will support the recently announced iOS 8 that brings about several new features including widgets to the notification area.

The cheapest versions of the iPad Mini 2 with only 16 GB of internal memory and Wi-Fi connectivity option only cost around $390 while the Samsung device will come in at around $350 for the base variant.

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