iOS 8 – Is It The Ultimate Operating System Ever By Apple?

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Every time a new operating system is released by Apple, a huge buzz is generated. With the release of iOS 8 around the corner, it is extremely evident that people are hugely excited to use this new operating system. Here we will take a look at the key features offered by this OS and what sets it apart from all the previous versions so far.

IOS 8 – The Ultimate Game Changer

Apple has termed iOS 8 as the smartest operating system so far. It is extremely advanced and brings the best of both worlds to users. It is not entirely a new design as Apple has taken iOS 7 and redesigned it in such a way that the features have been refined and new innovations have been brought in.

The Key Features

There are a few features which have been incorporated in iOS 8. These features are already being spoken of immensely. Some of the key highlights are as follows.
• With iOS 8, you can see, edit and even organize all the pictures you take on every iOS device on a single platform.
• You can also enjoy the provision of adding text right inside your text message.
• The developers have access to larger tools and code with this new OS.
• iCloud and TouchID are also going to see some big and major changes.
• Basically, Apple developers are trying to add more details and finer improvements to the operating system. There will be provision for more shortcuts to improve the ease of use.
• We are all driven by technology these days and emails and texts are more in use than ever before. Thus, Apple has brought in some really smart changes in their keyboard and you can find some extremely interesting innovative changes which will make your keyboard use much better and enjoyable. It recognizes whether you are typing in mail or messages as the tone that you use for formal mails and casual texts is different.

Sharing Of Purchased Items

This is by far one such feature which will definitely interest a great number of people. With the family sharing facility, up to six of your family members can share your iTunes app purchase and the iTunes and iBooks that you buy. This will end up saving you a great deal of money.

We all loved the way iCloud functions and with iOS 8, you are going to love the functionalities and features that iCloud has to offer.
Owing to these features, we can safely conclude that iOS 8 is no doubt extremely smartly designed and Apple continues to lead its way in the field of technology. The kind of changes and innovation that Apple brings has set the bar very high for all other developers.

With iOS 8, iPhone and iPad users are going to be extremely happy with the new interface. It looks like Apple learnt the right lessons after the mixed reviews that iOS 7 managed to receive.

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